Sergei & Agrafena's passive (Damage on Special) bypasses Taunt

I have encountered this issue twice now. When I have taunt enabled on my hero (Ludwig) and Sergei’s 2nd charge fires, it bypasses my taunt and hits all my heroes. This seems like a bug to me as when Taunt is enabled, it should only damage the taunt hero, not everyone.

I guess its not a bug because damage doesn’t come from special skill. Kinda like Gullinbursti, he can ignore taunt with his damage.


It is working as expected.
Taunt protects against Special Skills only but not against Passive, Minion, Fiend, Family bonus, or delayed attacks.


Yep… But the hit is usually a feather hit… But it works as expected.

See this thread.


I’ve been explained this before. Gullin’s special is a status effect rather than a special skill.

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