🧙 Sergei – 4* Dark / Purple from Tower of Magic

Thank you.i thought if you reactivate the special before it ends it spikes to 160%.


you can also use other attack up heroes, suck as boldtusk, kiril, or any other hero that increase your attack. Do not use heroes like ranvir, wu kong because they will overwrite and make you miss


I got him! Looking forword to kicking Wu Kong to the curb!


Nice! I’m hoping to get him as well so I can’t ditch Wu Kong. Don’t have Tarlak/Miki/Gazelle

Of course, I will do.

Using him as an attack booster, along with Panther, Miki, cRigard and CCat as a titan team.

Doesn’t matter that he won’t stack with Miki, I’ll hold him to fire when Miki isn’t up, or cast him first if Miki isn’t ready - flexibility and potion savings, I’m in.

Please game. He is an epic, not a legendary. Please let me have 1 of him, that’s all I asked.
Not getting Sergei within 30 pulls bummed me out so much I couldn’t sleep. Was so salty about this


I’m at 53 pulls and I have multiples of all other 4s and 3s but can’t get Sergei! He’s the only one I really wanted.

Yeeeeeeaaaaah! Got him!! Had given up on Panther and Yellow titans :partying_face:

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I tried using sergei dark def down and cheshire cat poison dmg and I didnt see any increase in dmg per turn.

Does dot dmg stay the same, beacuse it isnt affected by defense in the first place? I guess :slight_smile:

Dots are not affected by the defense of the opponent. Damage is always the same independently of the defense of the opponent and only ruben’s buff can reduce it as of now.


The poison dot does not increase with dark defence down. The only way dot can increase is when the hero could already deal extra damage to specific elements. Like how gravemaker deals extra to nature, his burn will deal more to nature as well

I used Sergei instead of Miki so my titan team would be mono purple and I’ve actually seen in increase in damage on the titans so far. I only got 3 hits with Sergei but went from 50k to 70k per hit, small sample but will keep trying with the next yellow titan… Talent path was all Sword and defense. Team was Sergei, G Panther, Tiburtus, Karnov and Rigard. Didn’t notice that I had switched Rigard out of his costume… GRRR


Dalton, what path for emblems?

Happy gaming

I Got 2 Sergi. Shame the rest of my Purple Heros are Bobbins!

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His full artwork visible only during lvl-up or ascension.


That’s if he does decide to use tier 1 charge, which worries me a bit. I already see in tower that bosses trigger their specials depending on magic, weather or current temperature of your CPU.

Also, slashes are non-elemental iirc and if it didn’t change.

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How do you guys use Sergei for titans? Do you take a ton of mana potions and artificially fire him twice in a row??

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I can totally relate! I only managed to get him after 130-140 pulls? Even though I landed like 7-8 Anastasias and 3-4 Antons, totally rigged!

Hope you manage to pull him soon! I understand your frustration, as it took me literally like 130 pulls until I finally got him despite getting so many of the other 2 season 4*s

I just got him on pull 72. I’m done with this portal now. Sheesh.

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