Sergei 2x Mana Charge special skill

can anyone explain how to stack Sergei’s 2x mana charge special skill up to +160% normal attack. with the skill stated with :

‘All allies get +100% normal attack for 5 turns. Stacks with similar effects up to maximum of +160% normal attack’.

this effect has been appear since Miki, Tarlak and Bertulf as well.


Kiril. BT etc any other hero that gives attack boost


Like @Marie1 said, Heroes that add +attack or Battle items like bear banner, dragon banner, and titan banner.


i) means attack + can stack with normal attack +?

ii) so there is no normal attack + stack with normal attack +?

iii) so attack + is asimilar effect to normal attack +?

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Heroes that add +attack or bear banner etc, means it impact with normal attack (tile damage) and skill that do damage.

Yes, because heroes that +attack have normal attack (tile damage).

The point is Normal Attack means it only impact for tile damage, not impact for skill that do damage.
Boldtusk, Kiril, etc… (including Wu Kong), it impact tile damage and impact skill that do direct damage.

So, Sergei, Miki, Tarlak and Bertulf only impact tile damage, it does not impact skill that do direct damage.