September 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether Summon, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dynasty Of Dunes, Costumes, Kalevala, Carnival Of Gods, CoE (Ice), Goblin Village, Underwild, Atlantis, SE, MT, and Musketeers)

Welp. I’d love Frida but my decent blue queue already requires 48 scopes to ascend. I’ve got Arthur for EDD though so that’s good.

Red are both my favourites in this list and my realistic choices.
Baldur is an option - I have loads of Ranger emblems doing nothing and even though I have a red queue, it’s significantly shorter than others.
Red Hood is someone I’ve wanted since release, just because - so I’m thinking she’ll be first.
Anzogh is a HOTM I’ve always liked - the ‘heal for damage done’ is always nice. But wizard emblems are spoken for for a while.
After that, if I have enough pulls to qualify, I will actually take the Salmon. I love random. (And already have Rumple who’d I’d choose if I didn’t).

I’m hoping that this will increase the Morgen Le Fey buff thread.

Thanks for your service @Elioty33 :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for providing the list! (Disappointing as it is)

Anyone else feel like the list is a big middle finger from SG?


I don’t think it’s that. I do think they are clueless and out of touch which is no better.


Welp, except for maybe one, for me personally the FS this time around is going to be exclusively for gathering souls for the next SE

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Well for me, edd, dd heroes are always great choice. Also, hero like Norns is unique and very useful. For others, well if they started putting challenge heroes maybe next time we will be able to choose G. Gazelle, Arthur, B. Knight, Finley…
It is disappointing choice for veteran players but it is pretty useful for newer f2p players.


This list is bulshit x100

FS list in my opinion:

  1. Norny - very good against titan but also useful in war attack, she’s doing good dmg
  2. Frida - same as above
  3. Anzogh - after last buff he is doing dmg on similar level as Ukonnen, Oceanus or Brimstone (with core on 0%) maybe not as main attacking hero but as support useful
  4. Sargasso - also recently got buff and dealing not bad dmg if some one doesn’t have heroes like Aramis or Mortimer he will be good option.

I should finish on this for but if someone want 5 then I would consider: Red Hood and/or Baldur as mana protectors.


Bringing this topic away from FS for a moment, but do you think it’s better to pull in the AQ (two new musketeers being relaased) or the goblin summon (buy 1 get 1 free mechanic)? In terms of the quality of the featured heroes in those two portals :thinking:

I am leaning towards Musketeers because 2 of the Goblins have been removed. Plus goblin % is not double that of Musketeer, its 0.9% to get 2 if they dont change it.

The chances are in the same level, small as usual. It is a psychological effect that one think about double chance etc
Kenzo, I am sure you know it is nit buy one get one fir free :wink: compare to if you win the lottery they double the outcome

I think the quality of musketeers heroes are higher, they have existed for a while and they will pare well with previous releases.

The Goblin is experimental, it can go any way. I guess many players switch their gems to other portals because none of the Mega minion/fiend are released.

Good luck what ever you choose!

Happy gaming


Agree, in my opinion, Musketeers have currently the best choice of heroes for defense.


Is it serious that these will be heroes? If so, it’s disappointing… several players are abandoning the game due to the imbalance of new heroes and the usual difficulty in obtaining heroes in summons, instead of bringing better options to balance the game and even encourage summons to generate points (100 ) for new summons, it’s a win-win, but this way it’s disappointing

Agreed with the consensus: AQ > Goblins

Maybe it’s my growing apathy for all these new events - especially this month alone, where we’re having four each week :sweat_smile: - but I kinda think the whole thing is a bit overrated. Sure, if ya pull one, you pull a second, but the odds are significantly reduced for this reason… so at the end of the day, you’re not really getting anything special there (and it’s more expensive with gems, too).

It’s like they’re attempting any ploy to trick people into pulling more, despite changing very little. :roll_eyes:

Not only that, but the 5* are good, but ugly and idk, for me personally, I feel no urge to pull for em. Then again, it’s hard to know just how great they’ll be - with these new mechanics - before we see what effect that have on the meta. But least with AQ, we know all those 5* are good.

Plus, most important point of all: this may be the last time we see BM (least, for awhile), considering there’s no new 5* in beta (CoK likely will replace it). Rochefort I remember liking the least of em all (idk if that’ll hold up once he’s finally in live), but he’s got insane damage. & Cardinal Richelieu should be great fun!


Cardinal Richelieu a fire hero?

Surely he has to be

I am curious which is correct and which to follow. Is the next Mirages of Omega on the 21st or 28th?
The calendar in here says 28th, but in the master thread it shows as the 21st.


It’s on the calendar for the 28th but we all know it shows up when it feels like it

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Yes he is :). I like him a lot because he steals buffs :slight_smile:


The time between Omega quests is random, approximately between 25 to 31 days


@Elioty33 do you see any change on PoV/PoG loot for incude Ascension Summon shards?


Patience, young Padawan. Ellioty will surely tell us when something, anything changes.

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