September 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

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Actually it was easier than expected. Used mana controllers, though

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Same. Hurricane survived but his burn damage was a liability. Waterpipe was superb.

Nothing for Telluria

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Your point is please do not comment because this is so obvious?

Maybe I dont hang out in the forum enough to know what kind of comments are getting mocked.


Dont be upset, im just playing with you. But it really isnt stating anything to point out that companies that exist for sales will prioritise buyers.

Buff Eset… Buff costume Atomos to 350%. Buff Grazul from 2 turns to 3. Jove didn’t need nerf.

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Will ToL be featured again in the future?
(I saved up a lot of coins. Might finally become interesting).

All indications are that ToL will return in October, probably with with an as-yet-unseen facelift.

I think everyone expects an online game to make money, but I also feel frustration at the recent scale. Most long time players wouldn’t deny the excessive power creep of the past couple years, motivated by sales alone it seems. And listing the increased stats of newer pay-walled costumes as ‘balance updates’ feels more than a little disingenuous.


Sales is important for the business but not to the extend that they lose customer base. If the game is unplayable and people tend to lose interest, they will also loose out in their revenue stream also. The mass players do contribute in their advertising income. But from what I see, they have lost a lot of players and that is why they introduce the new mystic vision twice within 2 hours. To me, it’s a quick fix and not long term.


Probably going to be 15 stages. Which means you need 75 heroes to complete tol, with the same rewards


Afraid you might be right.

It is interesting to have 15 unique teams!

Perhaps a bit more reward like 310 coins is better … a goos chance in this portal is superlow anyway

I do feel - as we all do I imagine - that they could be a tad more generous with the rewards with actually very little effect on the bottom line. In fact, they could be more generous, employ the same strategies and probably see an uplift as they persaude some C2P players to spend a little bit more.

:rofl: absolutely fat chance. They made masquerade into a borefest with the same amount of keys, they’re going to do the same to TOL.

I know , but just say it in cases they want to be generous (btw, look at the rare queat vote now! :kissing:)