September 2023 Balance Update - Discussion

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It’s a decent balance patch
Until I see tremor, really that hero is already so broken and he still getting buffed?
Also will they be compensating jove with extra stats?


Not the kind of heroes I expected to see getting a buff. Some good choices for HOTMs plus Rian & Victor and questionable ones for the others.


Congratulations to the Legens families of 2017-2019, that’s a great improvement! Also glad that Hansel is getting brought in line too.

Alexandrine, Bai Yeong, Grace, Victor - these are all welcome buffs, and will hopefully give them even more use cases. I was already seeing a lot of all of these bar Victor actually.

Costume Norns going to average… I have mixed feelings about, the special is significantly stronger than the non-costumed version, and this was offset by being slow speed. But stack on the HUGE shift to their attack stats? terrifying. Even then, I don’t think Norns gets huge useage as it is, so it’s not a big deal.

Frog Prince - I think deserves the buff considering how easily he can be countered otherwise.

Green Knight - Decent enough buff, and seems reasonable - still scary to many unless you can dispel him.

Ferrus - Did he really need that buff?? He’s already extremely powerful as it is.

Brimstone, Ignazio, 9HB, Thalassa - Stat increases? these are all reasonable enough I guess. I don’t think they needed it, but it is what it is.

Rian - Great buff to Rian! Really happy for hgim, but now why not give Caitlin the same treatment, considering their specials are identical apart from one cleanses and another dispels.

Tremor - Yikes, I am sure glad that I have him available to me, and he is in my queue… but, yikes!

Sorrow - getting that signfiicant stat buff, the minion health is kind of meh to me, since you kind fo want the minions to die.

Roz is also getting a significant benefit too… I can vibe with that, but it does make having green tiles on the board even more terrifying.

Alright, that’s my feedback on all the buffs. Some good, some less good. I won’t lie - from a purely selfish standpoint - it would be nice to see the likes of Jove getting compensated for his damage loss with better stats. I would like to see my Anne, Hippo, Ogima, and Narcisa (theoretically) get the same treatment too even (special damage down, stats up), but we’ll see.

One day (maybe post-muskateers) Aramis will finally get his buff immunity made dispellable… that to me is still the biggest crime to leave untouched.


Nice if anyone got c Seshat from SE


Roz got a buff? Why? Zuni is the green elemental that needs a buff. I could only find one person who’s leveled him and there was very little enthusiasm.

Thank you for the Green Knight buff. He is a little wanting.


Interesting set of heroes getting a buff. I’m surprised so many good “premium” heroes are getting buffed.

Not too much to scoff at.


I was expecting to see a buff on Francine/C.Francine.

Buffs are overall good, especially Grace and C.Victor, but was there a need to buff the brand new heroes? I dont think so.


As long as there’s no nerfs, it would be a decent balance patch.


buffs are overall good. i am glad more older heroes got buffed compared to older balance updates.

hopefully Season 2 and seasonal event costume bonuses get updated. also other older heroes and older nerfs get reverted/buffed

if i known about the legends buff, i would have actually picked seshat but it isn’t a big deal.

glad that there are no nerfs and hopefully no nerfs in the future.


A costume Bonus for These old Halloween costume Heroes would have Made Sense with morlova comming soon


I think that may be the strategy. If they increase power creep, they naturally make heroes obsolete and don’t need to nerf.


Brimstone must get a direct damage skill increase. quite disappointed. while Ferrus gets an increase in direct damage skills.

Next month the TOL event will be back.

Great buff for Grace.


I already use Grace heavily, this will make her a lot stronger.


if sorrows minions are still alive at the end of an attack you most likely will have won that raid :smiley:


My C Alberich is going to be happy with this change


Interesting, Grace was already considered good for a HOTM, now she will be even better.


Good balance update & Old Legends get their due ……

  • Hansel is a welcome adjustment…

I am bigtime happy to see Grace damage increased….


Beautiful!! And congrats for C Seshat pickers from SE!! Definitely easily worth the 15 souls and will last longer now!

However, wish their base versions got some stats increase as well… we have very good utility HOTMs from these years that can still be useful now

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She was already very annoying to deal with lol especially in rush wars… her heal passive is too much and she can heal all for more than 1000HP now i guess! Good buff regardless!

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