September 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Masquerade, Sanctuary Of Gargoyles, Underwild, Covenant Of Champions, Atlantis, and Tower Of Styx)

So, no Morlovia today or do you think it will appear later today? :thinking:

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The rule is it can’t overlap challenge and since it is 30 hours to complete it must appear at least 30 hours beforehand. At least this was what was explained in another threas a couple months ago when same thing happened.

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Thank you. I really can’t understand this rule… The rare quests are so important for the players (at least for me). I would skip a whole day of the upcoming challenge event to just complete the rare quest. Really really annoying… :angry:


So morlovia only coming next week?

Yes, it will certainly show up on Monday.


Any idea which are the new heroes to expect from today until end September? Many different portals but a list of new heroes would be nice, in order to plan where to spend/waste some money :grin:

Happy gaming


@A-Sweden I would check out the Beta Beats to see what’s coming into the game soon. There us a ton of new strong heroes coming soon beyond September, so i would continue to stock up on stuff until those heroes get released


Coming on Thursday : Gargoyles 1-5* Hohenwerf

Next week Monday: W3K 1-5* Sun Quan

Next week Sunday 18/9: Covenant :
More Monster Heroes

21 September: Styx Tower

26 September: VF 1-5* C Gefjon

29 September: S5 1-5* Ahmose


Good job @BlackZed, you’re a great student :man_mage:


this is a great thread and should be done monthly by those with knowledge thanks everyone


Always going to be new heros, but will we get what we need to level them up? The Overlords of this game are pretty stingy with those things

Why can’t they leave people with a choice smh.

I would gladly skip this event to finish Morlovia.

I think @Urahara might wanted to write next month instead of next week.

They are already visible in @VeryQuietly 's calendar, which was made based on @Elioty33 's prediction:

Convent heroes will be might announce next Monday.

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Hi VQ.
Any word on the QR Cal?

Thanking you in advance.

Very suspect. LOL
Prolly see a deal for tabs pop up soon.

When is the Mythic titan? I cannot see its date on calendar :thinking:

It is no longer appearing every month it alternates with War of the Three Kingdoms.

As we have W3K next week Mythic titan will only arrive in October.



seems no Quick Reference this month.

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Does anyone know when next Clash of knight event will be?