September 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Masquerade, Sanctuary Of Gargoyles, Underwild, Covenant Of Champions, Atlantis, and Tower Of Styx)

If The “ahmose bastet sobek” still The featured Heroes, by the update notes might have changed

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Sure, I will recheck the featured heroes for the remaining events of this month (including the covenant). The update could definitely have changed it, you got a good point.


dont know your process, but for who might be interested, the v51 is already in apkpure

Just noticed it and was about to come say it haha I guess the update is coming too late for the quest to be held next weekend.
@Zartanis @sommc @VeryQuietly @IsaHurricane and all the wonderful calendar creators.


Yes, I think this is the reason for the change.

The Quest and Summon will be totally separate it seems…

@Petri is this really needed ???
I think there should be at least 1 day overlap between them…
Making them totally independent from each other does not makes sense for me.


The order should be reversed. Summon portal before we’ve had a chance to earn the coins is disappointing. :pensive:


Yes, that would be better. I will not pull this portal this time for sure.


agree, hope it’s just an error… otherwise it would be really bizarre to have the portal first, and the quest later!

Needed? Not really.
Intended? Definitely as stated by the Version 51 Release Notes.

Just a game design choice. I don’t expect them to change it. :man_shrugging: :neutral_face:


We already had the summon gate without the quest last month though, nothing new. And it’s just a matter of starting the rotation. You can say we have the quest after the summon gate. But that quest is also before the next time the summon gate comes back around.

That is true. But we also received enough coins for one summon last time. If that happens again this time, awesome. If not, it is a disappointment. Nothing earth-shattering or worth going on an expletive-filled rant about the evils of SG. It just would be nice to be able to earn the coins for this portal as opposed to the next. :wink:

Is Marlovia a week late? The only rugs that have appeared to me in the last few months are exactly from these missions and are still delayed by a week? I am wrong?

Because the rare quests are not allowed to overlap the challenge event, it was late. Outta up now… But we essentially lose one rare quest as a result.


SG’s updated calendar is here @Zartanis


I don’t normally complain about these things. But why do they adjust the schedule to have the portal cor covanent of chsmpions only, then have the event (assuming with the portal) a week later? This makes no sense.


I think there will not be portal when the Quest arrives.


That’s even more odd imo

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I bet the Covent Summon with the Monster hunter heroes will eventually be up simultaneously with Monster Island. Covent quest is just as a bonus way to earn free coins for it occasionally.

In the begining story of Monster Island we saw Monster Hunter heroes in Beta. (Ebba for example)