September 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Masquerade, Sanctuary Of Gargoyles, Underwild, Covenant Of Champions, Atlantis, and Tower Of Styx)

Ok, I rechecked and I know what’s wrong. I think SGG messed up again just like they did for Cao Cao release (bug report). They changed the event’s date but forgot to update the hero’s release date so the hero is still hidden in the portal.

Edelaide and Meadow are supposed to be in this portal but their release date is still set to a later date (which was the first planned date for this summon portal) so again, they are still hidden. On the other hand, SGG didn’t forget to update the new Monster Hunter 5* heroes’ release date.

I actually didn’t check all the hero’s release dates this time as I thought it would be coherent with the summon portal opening date. So I didn’t catch the issue but it’s not the first time I catch a bug this way with the data I have at hand. However, I am not sure the bug section is the right place for me to disclose such issues/bugs.
SGG has a Bug Bounty Program but again, it doesn’t look like the right place for me to disclose such issues/bugs since it’s definitely targeting vulnerability/cybersecurity issues/bugs.

For anyone who wanted to pull for those two at least, I can tell they should be included (again but working this time as it’ll be past their release date) in the next Covenant portal.


Ok, it’s just for the start of October so I will start teasing featured heroes for next month I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the data I have at hand, for the 6th of October CF1, should be featured:

  • Jabberwock C
  • Lady of the Lake C
  • Snow White C

And I checked her release date, Anne should indeed be coming in the portal on the 6th of October. But I do not see her as featured. Just like in the Legends summon, the featured heroes only rotate among the HOTM’s costumes and the other heroes are never featured even though new old-enough HOTMs keep coming in.



5* bring in more revenue. Oversight on 3/4* is not surprising.

yup, SG even said so in 2021 Q&A, they do not intend to focus on 3* and 4*… only 5*. and we know why :stuck_out_tongue:


does anyone have the quick reference image for the month? just trying to remember what the “deals” for the covenant/monster hunters portals were.

i.e. today is $5 US for 400 gems and 250 covenant.

Day 1 and 3 were the same offers the last time

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Not from dev view… Portal first means all first round summons are $$

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Well, your statement is definitely true but on the other hand, free coin (when available) or earned-in-game gems pulls are a minuscule part compared to the total amount of summons. Not sure that the portal before the quest makes a difference. Spenders gonna spend and those who don’t won’t either.


@Elioty33 any idea when the Halloween event starts?


@Atch In the v51 notes: :slight_smile:

They’ve also listed a number of October event happenings there also. Version 51 Release Notes & Status


Last Sunday of the month and here comes my October calendar:

  • Dune 29th September: featured: Set (new), Bastet, Sobek + the introduction of (new): Ma’at
  • Legends 3rd October: featured: Gravemaker C, Alberich C, Seshat C (quest with Natalya as first boss)
  • Hallowen 3rd October: new heroes: Alucard, Miriam & Midnight, Matilda, Ana-Belle, Goopy; no featured hero
  • CF1 6th October: featured: Jabberwock C, Lady of the Lake C, Snow White C + the introduction of (new): Anne
  • Mythic Titan (Ifrit, fire) 10th October: no-summon-gate event
  • Super Elemental (holy) 10th October: featured: Zandria (new), Jequn (new)
  • Underwild 13th October: featured: Lughaidh, Aouda, Captain Nemo
  • Covenant summon 15th October: featured: Kai (new), Ebba (new), Cobalt, Hanitra, Phileas Fogg, Captain Nemo (complete list below)
  • Atlantis 17th October: featured: Tethys, Bertila, Kageburado C, Viscaro
  • Clash of Knights 19th October: no featured hero
  • Valhalla 24th October: featured: Heimdall C (new), Thor, Salmon Loki
  • Dune 27th October: featured: Cleopatra (new), Sekhmet, Papyros + the introduction of (new): Tetisheri
  • Costume chamber 31st October: featured: Domitia C2 (new), Elkanen C2 + the introduction of (new): Magni C2, Horghall C2


  • The next Covenant quest is in early November.
Covenant summon list:
Name Element Stars Origin
Kai Green 5 Monster Hunters
Ebba Red 5 Monster Hunters
Cobalt Blue 5 Ninja Tower
Hanitra Yellow 5 HOTM 2021
Phileas Fogg Green 5 Season IV
Captain Nemo Red 5 Season IV
Sudri Red 3 Season III
Azar Red 3 Season I
Phoenicus Red 3 Challenge Festival I
Nashgar Red 3 Season I
Gnomer Green 3 Challenge Festival I
Brienne Green 3 Season I
Belith Green 3 Season I
Mnesseus Green 3 Season II
Carver Green 3 Season I
Isshtak Green 3 Season I
Guardian Lemur Blue 3 Challenge Festival I
Graymane Blue 3 Season I
Dawn Blue 3 Monster Hunters
Valen Blue 3 Season I
Gato Blue 3 Season II
Bane Yellow 3 Season I
Edelaide Yellow 3 Monster Hunters
Sally Yellow 3 Challenge Festival I
Kvasir Yellow 3 Season III
Treevil Purple 3 Challenge Festival I
Renfeld Purple 3 Season I
Balthazar Purple 3 Season I
Oberon Purple 3 Season I
Tyrum Purple 3 Season I
Colen Red 4 Season I
Wilbur Red 4 Season II
Guardian Falcon Red 4 Challenge Festival I
Maheegan Red 4 Monster Hunters
Gormek Red 4 Season I
Caedmon Green 4 Season I
Gadeirus Green 4 Season II
Little John Green 4 Season I
Peters Green 4 Challenge Festival I
Kashhrek Green 4 Season I
Boril Blue 4 Season I
Jott Blue 4 Season III
Grimm Blue 4 Season I
Captain of Diamonds Blue 4 Challenge Festival I
Gullinbursti Yellow 4 Season III
Li Xiu Yellow 4 Season I
Wu Kong Yellow 4 Season I
Gretel Yellow 4 Challenge Festival I
Tiburtus Purple 4 Season I
Rigard Purple 4 Season I
Meadow Purple 4 Monster Hunters
Merlin Purple 4 Challenge Festival I
Captain Kestrel Red 5 Challenge Festival I
Lady Loki Red 5 Season III
Red Hood Red 5 Challenge Festival I
Khagan Red 5 Season I
Lianna Green 5 Season I
Atomos Green 5 Season II
The Hatter Green 5 Challenge Festival I
Guardian Chameleon Green 5 Challenge Festival I
Fenrir Blue 5 Season III
Isarnia Blue 5 Season I
Alice Blue 5 Challenge Festival I
Misandra Blue 5 Season II
Poseidon Yellow 5 Season II
Guinevere Yellow 5 Challenge Festival I
Vivica Yellow 5 Season I
Guardian Owl Yellow 5 Challenge Festival I
Sargasso Purple 5 Challenge Festival I
Sartana Purple 5 Season I
Boss Wolf Purple 5 Challenge Festival I
Salmon Loki Purple 5 Season III

Statistics (those are NOT pulling odds; will add percentages later):

Criterion part
5* 26
4* 22
3* 24
S1 29
S2 7
S3 7
S4 2
CF1 19
CF2 0
MH 6
Non-S1 5* 21

Thank you @Elioty33 very much appreciated


Elioty ne se trompe jamais ! Merci :slight_smile:


Thank you very much to our oracle @Elioty33 for the predictions, almost a week before October. Nice to see all the events listed in chronological order as well.

Good luck on your September/October pulls, everyone!


Thank you mighty oracle for the October predictions :slight_smile:

Ps: @Elioty33 I hope some 4 star costumes will be included in the Costume portal after V52’s release on 17th October


How appropriate to fall on this date :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:


I will check again after the update as things might change (like the upcoming dune event featured heroes) and indeed, the introduction of more 4* C2 would be awesome :+1:


Great for Halloween but also great if you wanna do your costume pulls on November 1st for the new HOTM.


@Elioty33 Thanks! :clap::clap::clap::wink:

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Thank you! Good to know what’s coming up so :blush:looks like a light month for me! nothing really interests me in the covenant portal this time, i might try in the super elemental portal tho. and the halloween event extends into november too, yes? :thinking: