September 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Sure zynga revenue has gone up over the last few years, largely thanks to the lockdowns, but I haven’t been able to find any specific info on E&P solely so I can’t argue that point either way

Zynga weren’t going to come in and instantly change the entire business model overnight but the rate of offers and the bait and switch tactics have gotten much worse in the last year or so, to the point you can have up to 10 offers at once and it is covering half your screen and new heroes being nerfed just weeks after getting people to spend big to get them

In regards to raids, it used to be over 25k would be top 1%, then it slowly went to 20k. Now it’s around 15k so there’s a steady decline. Sure some might just not be participating but considering they don’t release active players numbers it’s the best way we can try and determine numbers

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and want it to thrive for a long time to come, hence why I’m still here, still playing daily and am worried by the trend of players leaving. I’ve just seen this trend happen in similar games over and over again of big payers starting to leave due to bait and switch, then they try to make up for that lack of income by introducing more and more enticing offers for the remaining big players until it gets to the point no one can keep up

I’m happy that the small buffs continued after the last batch, gives me hope that they’ll trickle over the obvious suspects list (Reuben, Boss Wolf, Nemo…) in the next months. Aside from Boss Wolf, who is complete garbage, most of the underpowered heroes can be decent with a small push.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For me this was another bad decision by the developers.

As it stands, each time new heroes are introduced, it runs me a minimum of $2k to grab one. And yes, I do it. I’ve spent much more, and I know I am not alone. Not complaining, just saying.

I’ve also said I was done pulling a bunch of times, but somehow continued to pull out my little “pockeybook” - day in, day out. But, after 4+ years of insanity, I’m truly done with the need to chase every new hero, or upgrades to heroes that honestly should be given for free if a player already has it…It’s all just too much, too fast, and nothing is safe from the bs nerf.

Yep! I’m finally free and best of all, my bank account will thank me :joy:


Nerfing Xnol is stoopid af. The fact that you cannot get your aethers back makes this even more effed up.
This is why I stopped spending on this game. Devs gotten too greedy and crazy.

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You can find them by searching for Zynga’s SEC reports. E&P has been their cash cow for mobile games since they acquired it for sure account for over 20% of their revenue. Last time I looked, for the first quarter of this year, their revenue was over 23 million/month. It was down a bit from the same period of 2021, but that slight drop could be attributed to many things: people going back to work more, less time to play, just bored after playing it for years, and real dissatisfaction definitely had some role among some I’m sure.

I’ve honestly never seen 10 offers up at once. The most has been 6. Still bad, but no one is being forced to buy them. It is a business after all and primary goal of a business is to churn revenue. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of unsavory things they’ve done. As for the bait and switch, I’m on the fence about that. There have been clear instances of it such as the CKrampus, Kalo and to some extent Telluria (as it was a gradual multi nerf bait and switch) but most of the others were simply bad decisions. Xnol, in my opinion, is definitely not a bait and switch. To some it’s just feels like it is, depending on when they pulled him. The more recent the pull, the more it’ll feel like a bait and switch.

It’s all speculation, my view on it as much as yours. Until confirmed, that’s all we can do.

Can’t disagree with that. Unfortunately, this is what happens when people go “Capitalism, suck it up” with everything in their life.

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I can’t tell if it is interesting or comical, that ZNGA auto-associated with gambling stock

This is getting close to comparing apples to apples very soon. Nothing comical there

I have Xno limit broken and he is my war tank. No idea who to replace him with. But I consider this nerf more understandable than some other nerfs in the past.

What I don’t find at all understandable is that they are doing it a year after the release, with a lot of other strong heroes released and many more in the pipeline.

And for me it’s the same unethical bait and switch tactic that SG did with Costume Krampus (nerfed one month after you could not pull for him anymore and a 3-4 months before releasing Costume Black Knight who is actually even stronger) and the nerf to the Malicna - Frosth - Elradir - Yang Mai - Devana group.

They nerfed them as well two months after you could not pull for them anymore because apparently their 0.5 tiles per turn over 4 turns mana gain was apparently too big, while exactly at the same time they released Xno.

Very nice initial game concept, but a lot of greed currently doubled by very little respect for players


They’re doing it because people pull for the meta tank. A new tank will show up soon.

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I’m so done. This game admitted to buffing many of these same heroes because they weren’t garnering enough attention, then after massive sales they nerf them. Please explain to me why Zhuge Liang needed a nerf?!? Absolute nonsense. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me.


Also us if Zinga breaks with the game.Be glad if some players give them money like crazy, so others can play for free

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Nerfing zhuge liang was a big mistake, he is the weakest among WO3K heroes, this is a big insult to zhuge liang owners


Sarcastic mode on Zhuge Lang was overpowered and needed to be nerfed. If you thought otherwise you are not a good player, did not know how to use him and therefore did not deserve him anyway :smiley: Sarcastic Mode Off

Zhuge Liang release stats:
9% Minion HP → Now 16%
50% Counterattack → Now 60%
65% Fiend Attack → Now 75%

Sure he never lit the charts up even after he was buffed, but this “nerf” won’t even be noticeable.

Krampus and kalo were bad but could be stomached as krampus could be pulled with saved tokens and kalo was a 4*. The bait and switch I’m referring to is the w3k heroes. A few people were running it with huge success before the last portal and they knew the big guys would pull hard for it then now the portal is closed, mats and aether has been used they have only just realised how powerful they are :unamused:

In regards to xnol, they essentially said “we’ve released heroes we thought would take his place but you guys haven’t bothered pulling for them so now we will force you to”. Very coincidental it happened just after Hawthorne was released


When alliances are requiring a xnolphod tank, you shouldn’t be surprised by a nerf. As far as 3kingdom’s goes, doubled Liu bei with anyone else from w3k was way too much.

Not really, there are like 15 different heroes that crush minion specific heroes. And he is far from the only elite hero in the game. I mean they buffed Melina for some silly reason. This whole W3K fiasco is a clear bait and switch

Those alliances will just go from requiring xnol to requiring w3k, won’t change anything

Sure those teams are hard at the moment but like any meta, people will figure it out over time and new heroes will be released to counter it

So xnolphods nerf was rather impactful and greatly reduced his efficiency, while the wo3k nerf did practically nothing. They still charge stupidly fast.

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Don’t forget that they also buffed them a few months ago as well. Besides, the nerf was very minor that it can’t be even considered a bait and switch IMO.

People have been pulling…for a year since Xnol’s release. Yet he was the staple of all top defenses everywhere. I, as a consumer, want my new car to be better and outperform an older model. Same concept applies here. One hero should NOT affect heroes in a way he had. Them timing the nerf with release of any new hero will make people jump to conclusions and that’s understandable. They probably did it on purpose, but people would have disliked it under any circumstances either way.

I’ve never complained about any previous nerf. The reason this one is so egregious is because of the way they did it. They need to Put the heroes back and release heroes who counter them. And while they’re at it, they should release some hard counter hotm’s to Alfrike that people actually want to ascend. Maybe finally we can get past her ruining rush wars.