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nerf xnol is great, for w3k héroes not sure if is too much :smirk: as i guess lot of players i see in raids pull for 3 heroes and to have this bonus but it’s ok


nerfing xnolphod wasn’t necessary at all.

players need to think well before facing him but it seems complaining always wins.

i don’t have xnolphod or any 5* kingdom heroes and think the nerfs aren’t necessary.


Revert telluria nerfs
Revert ferant nerfs
Revert and buff guinevere
Revert winter family nerfs…

Those will shift meta in a healthy way instead of nerfs whatever shines.

grimble, eloise and other minion removers eat 3 kingdom heroes for breakfast. i bet 95% of players attacking them don’t use minion removers.

Note: xnolphod compensation isn’t enough. give him cleanse to be useful on attack.

Will Redhood minions still heal 7% or will it be 10% now?


back in June, we gave significant buffs to […] Kingdom Families because they were not being used much

the Kingdom Family Bonus are a bit too strong right now

we will be scaling down a few parts of the buffs we gave to the Kingdom Family in June

I find buffing and nerfing the same heroes/families back and forth kind of funny. I’m shocked that they haven’t buffed Telluria yet.
I don’t have W3K heroes and I don’t fight against top defence teams, so I won’t notice any difference.

It’s nice that they buffed a few older heroes.


I like the buffs to Neith and JF, they are finally a bit more usefull again. I’m fine with the Xnol nerf, hopefully there will be more variety in wars now and less Khufu’s that go from slow to fast.


Khufu is nerfrd by proxy due to xnolphod mana gain being only 10%.



Kingdoms heroes almost never show up. I think their portal sucks so much, not everyone is crazy enough to put money there. So I think I don’t care.

S5 family bonuses are overpowered. Like maximum OVERPOWERED. A lot more than Kingdom. It seems you don’t change them now because they’re bringing money. Which is lame.

Xnolphod… Well, you only nerfed him because he’s still a top hero even he’s older. And you want people to buy new heroes. This nerf is too late and was made by the wrong reason. I wonder when you gonna nerf c. G. Panther? Only when people pulled her enough?

Buffs are always good.

Overall this update didn’t solved the major family bonuses problem, but have a few older stars a boost and a reason to whales spend more in s5.

Soon defenses will be full of s5 overpowered bull crap and you will need to nerf them too eventually. I’d say well the game reached a low quality time.


nerf xnol too much, he should be 15% mana instead 10%

now khufu and milena mana boost is the same except milena is vf


i’ve never bothered to level JF so haven’t played with him - can someone confirm that the burn damage of 552 is split over 3 turns? not 552 damage per turn for 3 turns?


Hi, yes it’s split for 3 turns so it’s 184 per turn. I think much more important is his protection from defense down, or rather changing this alignment into buff. Adding another turn to this is a welcomed addition.


I would love to see you include costume for any hero with costume in covenant summon.

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‘This is a very recent development, and one we were not able to foresee; just a few weeks ago’

What we really mean is we could see it was an issue for months as Quinn was running it to great success in raids and he was able to stay above 3100 cups overnight but we wanted everyone to spend a ■■■■ load on the latest w3k portal before we decided to nerf


Great idea, I think costumes should be available in any portal not only in Costume Chamber. Maybe to keep CC active there should be a chance to get a costume from any portal for S1 heroes, like 15% let’s say. I think it wouldn’t ruin incomes from Costume Chamber and would be great addition for every player.

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Also I must add that even a brainless organism knows that setting water/fire damage + blind/defense down on enemies and mana generation ailment/sand damage for the cost of ONLY being hit OR only CASTING your skills (s5 family bonuses/passives) is waaay more dangerous and out of proportion (in other words, overpowered) than just a small mana and minion bonuses.

Don’t know what are those metrics you use, buy they’re non sonse as always.


I am happy about JF buff. He is amazing now. Thank you :blush::blush:


From all these heroes mentioned i have JF which i stripped for loki 2 years ago or so
Anyway…why people are still surprised by what SG/Zynga does or did ?! Its all matter of money
Bait and switch strategy it never stopped and never will until the game is dead by some miracle or appocalype.


it’s time for you whales to give your protest to the SG. SG’s side must learn a valuable lesson with his actions as a nerf hero!!! @Petri you will know the consequences if these whales stop spending their money!!!


I’m no whale but you’re spot on. So many big players are already contemplating their remaining time in this game and every decision like this will just keep pushing more and more away. In turn this will force zynga into even more deceptive money making ways and just keeping the death spiral going faster and faster


I picked the wrong time to ascend Xnol… oh dear.