September 2021 Balance Update - Discussion

there is one nice saying here: if every women say “NO” never will be a war even soldiers
so: if none player will pay, there don’t will be any game even Zynga :slight_smile:

When are the most undervalued Hotms ever gettting slight buff?

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I agree 100%. Those two heroes are not in need of buff and still its happening… Makes me wonder in what world is this all from lolz

They cant make heroes anymore what doesnt need nerfs or buffs, they make all by meta what is on atm, and there is no head or tail soon what happens.

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Same here, so many heroes on raids I don’t recognize. I don’t even bother clicking on them to find out. I just try to tile blast them or hope my mana gets filled fast enough to kill them before they fire.



Assuming by Debuff you mean the mana reduction…
Considering Faline’s special is “target and nearby” your comment assumes that the opponent has 3 heroes of the same mana speed grouped together. Some may do that, but from my experiences in wars and raids, that is the exception more than the rule. - Though she does work nice for the double/reverse double formations when the tank is the target… as that turns “target and nearby” to “all”

"Based on what does the development team decide which heroes should be buffed/nerfed? There are some heroes who desperately need some love (Inari, Thoth-Amun, Perseus for example) yet they are never included in any of the balance changes, why?

JOEL: As Tim mentioned before we use metrics and player feedback to decide what Heroes to buff. Many of the Heroes mentioned here have been in talks to get a buff, but there have always been heroes that have had a bigger need for buffs than them."
This it’s from Q&A 2021

I am curious how Faline and Zuri was had a bigger need for buff from Inari, Thoth-Amon, Perseus, Musashi and so on.
@Petri or some one staff can answer to this.


Once upon a time, but the fable is over.

And I believe we can officially replace the term power creep with power leap, although even that sounds weak compared to the over saturation of stronger heros we’re drowning in.
But wait, :roll_eyes: there’s more coming . :rofl:


They also said they mainly valuate the buffs/nerfs in how heroes are doing in raids.

In this small gap of time since Villains and Circus event were release, how did you gathered enough information about those heroes performance in raids defense and how did you got into the conclusion they needed buffs, @Petri ? :slight_smile:

Of course you can either admit you just want people to summon more in those events or justify next heroes absurd powers like in the new alliance event thats in beta. :wink:


The bigger need isn’t you or the players need. The need is $ for SG. All those old heroes don’t get them any more cash. The new ones do.


This is absurd! What about Captain K, Red Hood, G. Owl, Isrod, Sargosso? Not to mention Tarlak, Inari, Mokarr, Justice, Elkanen, Leonidas, Perseus, Arayn… Etc. Why these heroes, specifically?!

Does this mean that Costumed Sartana is now outclassed by Dark Lord as the hardest hitting purple sniper?

Truth. All my prior urgency to get the new fancy hero has vanished. Unless you have all the mats waiting, you may as well wait until 6 new portals pump out 6 crops of progressively stronger heroes. Get the mats on hand first and summon away. I was excited to get Hannah. im still 3 tabbards off. In 6 months she should be a decent hero. outclassed by numerous portals and season 5 heroes that eat fiends for breakfast. Missed the boat on that one…

New Hero arriving May of 2022.

The One

Very fast

Removes all fiends from allies

Evaporates one random season 1 hero per fiend removed

If no fiends, deals 750% damage to target.


Poor poor Perseus! Whyyyyyy

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Hello, guys. I don’t know if my question should be ask here or in another topic, but…

I think we have a problem with Caitlín special skill. If she DISPELS first of all, she should dispel the BK and Krampus’ taunt and, then, hit all enemies! Or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance and forgive my English, I’m Brazilian! LOL!

That’s how it should work. Dispel to remove the taunt and then aoe damage to all

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I already had Faline at +18. This buff made her easily my best yellow hero. I’ve been saving my aethers and haven’t done a limit break on any hero yet. But this was easily enough to convince me to limit break her. So I pulled the trigger and now she’s at level 85 with +18. She shreds defenses now. Especially any reverse defenses that allows her to hit all heroes.

Oh, and I also had Dark Lord chillin at 3/70 with no plans to max him any time soon. But, the new buff persuaded me to max him. Now he’s a proper purple sniper.

If someone drops $1,000 in a single month. What do you suppose is the primary driving force behind that splurge?

A single portal?
A single hero?
Maybe to complete a family set?

5* cards…

Consider the long term implications of Balance Updates such as these…!

Seriously… you don’t need a crystal ball
it’s not complicated…

How do they maintain lucrative portals and balance at the same time? They are polar opposite. One will cancel the other. If they beef-up the dusty, old string-alongs… why sink $1,000 in a shiny, new portal? Ever…?!
And the other way… How much money did the fish portal haul in?

The way they used to do it,
Was very gradually.

I argued a long time ago, that unique could pull it off. But unique and imbalanced…
no contest.

What are the long term implications?!!

How much will that $1,000 be worth in 1 year, when S5 are getting all the buffs.

How long before spenders figure it out?

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They should deal almost identical damage, she have bigger % but worse stats and because of that their hits are pretty much equal.

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