September 2021 Balance Update - Discussion

They have let a prodigious amount of cussing go without incident in this thread, so either they’re like “yeah can’t argue that” or they just straight up abandoned this ■■■■. Like either way can’t blame them, but it definitely makes it a lil more funny, a little more absurd :rofl:


Honestly this is exactly what I thought when seeing Faline’s buff. Essentially its a way to justify even stronger future heroes by making some of the current newer heroes in line withwhat is already out there.

Personally I think Faline and Zuri don’t actually need a buff and risk being overpowered by it.

Dark Lord and Crystalis on the other hand, could use the buff. However, that was not an urgently needed buff. Many heroes could use a buff far more urgently than these 2 (Inari, Perseus, Sargasso, Thoth-Amun, Reuben, Ref Hood, Boss Wolf, etc)


So true, lately in raid, I see new heroes, I don’t even bother to know the name or the skill anymore…


But what if the answer is:




You don’t know that the new tower require you to pay gems to play the last 25 floors?

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So… will we have nerf Zuri and Faline threads coming up at that time?


They are ‘balancing’ Zuri and Faline because it’s summon time for them again. afterwards, they’re going to ‘balance’ them again by nerfing them because they (or other players) later ‘realise’ they’re too strong, especially Faline with her mana generation debuff. DO. NOT. FALL. FOR. IT. SAVE. YOUR. MONEY. SAVE. YOUR. HARD-EARNED. GEMS.


So Greedy Games


Someone should get those up and running now :slight_smile:

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Rueben for sure. That dude is useless and I’ve contemplated even putting him in ha10


“Balance” Hahaha what’s this joke :hear_no_evil: SG = :poop:

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Quintus like this :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Open thread.
Ctrl+F Ingolf.
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Can’t believe no one mentioned the absolute worst 4* hero to come out in recent times getting untouched while his 5* villain brethren are getting a facelift he needs much more desperately.

Faline buff…yikes. Damage creep is getting insane.


Buffing 4 heroes that less than 1% of the players owns is a balance update to you? Tell me. I’ll wait.

Have you read the forum? Do you play the game? I don’t think so. Have you ever tried using some S1 and S2 heroes? Looked at their stats? Made comparisons? I bet not. Have you been using Kadilen without costume? Vela? Marjana and Sartanas’ useless DOTs?

Feline and Zuri? Really?

Why do you ask our opinions? Are we clowns? You never do anything we suggest. Not even beta testers. Who asked those buffs?

Nobody asked. Zynga probably didn’t got enough profit from these events, that’s why they want to increase those heroes shine.

You need a lot of courage to spit in players face and call that a balance update.

Here is some extra demonstration of how ridiculous you are:

Quintus is still crying in the corner of the weakeness. I feel sick.


Making an event pay to play…

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That kind of so-called discussion is actually a notification IMHO and that is the usual way they did. Is that really difficult to devs (or the decision maker) to make discussion to players before buff / nerf hero ?

Do they even dare enough? They hide themselves in Tower of Magic scandal.

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Usually decision makers always hide themselves in a very safe place, in the tower, or cave… etc :rofl:. Devs (mean game designing, programming… etc) may want to make the game better or player friendly, but they usually need to do their job base on decision maker’s decision, no matter that decision is good or not.

This made my day.


This is true. I recently got demolished by that blue circus bear’s green reflect because I just assumed he was the OP circus clown. There is too many to learn and too many to even care at this point like you said.


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