September 2021 Balance Update - Discussion

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Bad idea, dont strengthen heroes who have a good usability.
Concentrate on older ones to keep more players competitive e.g.

Elkanen, Kadilen ( without costume), Inari, Guardian Owl….

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This is probably the first hero balance in a while that has no effect on me since I don’t own any of these heroes. :sweat_smile: That said, the power increase to Dark Lord, making him more like a dark Thorne… yeahhhh that’s rather scary, ngl!!!


Changes to Dark Lord and Crystalis are welcome, both felt quite underwhelming.

Changes to Faline and Dr Zuri completely unnecessary. They were strong heroes before, now are over the board. Especially Faline’s 330% dmg at FAST to 3 heroes, and with a strong mana ailment - compare that to other heroes which are fast and hit 1 or 3… that’s far from “balance”, more like a “imbalance update”. Has anyone asked to buff those two? What was the reasoning behind it?

Meanwhile, all the heroes which were released too weak, despite countless arguments on the forum, didn’t get anything.

I usually like balance updates but very disappointed about this one.


I expect starfall circus to be the next challenge event. So Falline and Zurri get prettied up to get more players to summon!
Maybe its time to quit and seek a better place to spend ones time…very sad…


I think these changes are unnecessary…

Faline’s buff especially the mana generation decrease made her totally OP.


Crystalis’s buff is welcome. Mine is currently collecting dust in my roster, because I find her quite meh even at +20 in full attack. Now, she will become a killer at fast speed.

In another hand, Faline and Zuri don’t deserve a strong buff like that. They are decent already.


I’m sorry but I think these changes completely miss the board.

There are multiple gigantic threads about specific heroes needing a buff (Guardian Owl, Natalya, Persues, etc.) and they are really not viable in the current meta. I hoped to see some love for those heroes before heroes that are barely half a year old.

These changes are unnecessary and I can’t comprehend where they are coming from.

I am personally against these changes.


About the proposed batch only Dark Lord needs a buff:

  • Crystalis: AoE 190% damage and fast speed match Kadilen but Crysalis would deal too much damage due to better stats

  • Director Zuri: she is fine as she is right now, she would only need to remove status aliments before the heal as Prof Lidenbrock does (and many other healers needs that)

  • Faline: she already deals enough damage and her effect already is very strong, -64% mana generation is broken

Ps. I’m glad that you started buffing Events heroes, what about starting from the oldest batch along with other subpar heroes?


Zuri and Faline it’s strong heroes, they don’t need absolutely nothing, instead them pick up heroes like inari, musashi, Thoth Amon, aeron, victor, teluria… they really need a buff.
Crystalis and dark lord need this buffs, they are really weak.


I would love to be a fly on there wall lol. Who comes up with this :rofl:. there is so much more that need a buff than these hoers. But hay ho least players with these will be happy.


Zuri and Feline got a buff? Lol…

Come on SG, this is not a balance update but an imbalance update.


A possible translation for the reasoning: “The pulls for the September’s Villains event did not go as well as we expected. We need to make sure that when we’ll have the Circus event again the pulls will be to a great level”.

I might be wrong, but without any explanations from the staff of why they chose to buff heroes that I see to be used a lot in top alliances (Faline and Zuri, the two Villains indeed are not loved at all), this is what my little brain is thinking about :slight_smile:


Guys (and girls) come down. Don’t complain about buffs for new heroes while old ones are useless.

Many old heroes will soon receive a buff via costume! S2, hotm, events and much more!
Natalya is to weak? Buy her costume to make her great!
Inarie is to weak? Buy her costume!

Hope someone catches the irony. Because Small Games doesn’t.


Hit the nail on the head :+1:

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Was this tested in beta? Seems like Balance Downdate or Imbalance Update for some heroes.

Where is Thoth?


Funny enough, I would gladly pull on villains if the freakin magic tower wasn’t 2 weeks later.

They may double, triple, even duodecuple the amount of portals with desired heroes per month - but as long as they don’t do the same to my monthly salary, I ain’t buying it. They released too many heroes too fast and now are baffled why the profits ain’t double.

And sorry but with these odds that after 150 pulls landed me just 1 legendary event hero, I don’t even want to participate in that anymore. Don’t want to calculate how much money went into that but I am pretty sure there are people in my country who’d be able to live for a month with it, them and their kids.


Costume are not buff!!!

As long as you don’t get the costume your bad hero stay bad bad bad!!!

Costume is just another new hero need to be summoned!!! Fake buff!!!

Costume are not balance update!!! Just another money making scheme!!!


Umm… You guys spelled Horghall, Thorne, Telluria, and Salmon Loki wrong.

In all seriousness, that’s a huge buff going the wrong way for Faline and Zuri. They’re already great as it is. The Villans are an okay buff, as neither are really seen on defense. But the Circus ones were already top level when the debuted. The older heroes need more loving.


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