🍻 [September 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

Sorry ultra but I’m with guvnor here. It’s one event with two outcomes so 1% + .3% does equal 1.3%. Compare to probability of heads and tails on a coin toss 50%+50%=100% (unless you’re on disk world).



Oh, okay. That’s alright. I think I froze my brains earlier trying to figure out what’s wrong. If you and the good Guvnor says it is still the same, I won’t argue anymore. You may be both right. Sorry for making a fuss on that post. :sweat_smile:

But still… I feel there is something wrong here…

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2 Free Coins: Balthazar + Colen

I bought 3 of the offers for today…

Belith + Friar Tuck + Carver + Azar
Cyprian + Boril


When comparing portal odds, it may be easier to think of the statistical average results from a 1000 pulls.

Old portal: 13 (1.3% x 1000)of those pulls would result in past HOTM in legends portal pool. 13 total.

New portal: 10 (1.0% x 1000) of those pulls would result in featured past HOTM, 3 (0.3% x1000) of those pulls would result in other past HOTM in lehends portal pool. 13 total.

Try to visualize it. Consider a jar full of marbles. There are 1000 marbles in the jar (each representing a .1% chance of a hero). There’s a 98.7% chance that you will receive a classic hero, so in this jar are 987 classic marbles. This is the same for the previous and current odds. That leaves 13 marbles that will give you a HOTM. In the previous odds, all 13 of those marbles were the same. Now, 10 (1%) represent featured heroes, and 3 (.3%) are the rest.

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I understand. The engineer in me with several units on statistics during my college days is blaring their horns in my brains. I am brain dead now. :crazy_face:


Yeah as above you’re talking statistics rather than straight up odds.

Total percentage= 100% plus the bonus draws.

Fun fact tho, the portal is actually better than previously as you have 1.3% bonus draw for the current HotM which didn’t exist before.

So off a single pull you COULD get two different bonus draws. One for HotM and one for Myztero


I am sorry about your pull, it’s terrible, but I am also thankful for this post - it helps me to resist this temptation to buy ToL offer.


2 Free Coins: Valen and Bane
I bought 1 offer for today… Jahangir

O joyful day :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
There actually aren’t enough words to describe how irritated I am with my pulls over the last few months. The best result I’ve had was Shrubbear.


I bought two offers. Well, hello Grazul! My JF will have to wait for an ascension even longer :smiley:


1 pull: Friar tuck. If I get more coins I´ll do another pull expecting another 3* food.

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Finished the quest, did those two free pulls, got Hu tao and Tyrum (both fed to Malosi). Tbh, I did not expect anything, so I am not disappointed.
And those offers… Well, I have promised myself few months ago that I will not spend on any offer for this portal, and I am firm to keep that promise (even after adding featured heroes and chance to get HOTM) :slight_smile:

10 pull and a free coin pull, bunch of feeders. Did a single gem pull got Grazul and Mystereo


Oh good, finally saved up another 100 Legends coins. Let’s find out what piece of crap will come forth from the summoning portal this time… Maybe another Oberon? Or Bane? Ah, it’s you, Dawa. Haven’t seen you in a while! /sarcasm
…wait, who did you bring with you…?

Well, that’s definitely better! :slight_smile:

And to think just two days ago I actually spent 6 poison darts on Leonidas because I had no one else to spend them on…

(Happy plot-twist: I still have another 6 poison darts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: been having a bit of a holy hero drought lately…)


Summoning Graphic will be updated by tomorrow with updated tavern portal and ninja (beta).

Adding the HoTM roll makes the Tavern 30-pull the best deal for targeting the HoTM and the highest overall 5 star hero chance per roll of any portal. :+1:

If anyone gets the magic triple pull (normal pull + both Mysterio and HoTM) please post the screenshot!


I got Gravemaker and Zeline from the quest rewards.

Pd: that is what i thought juzging by the shining but really they were Kelile and Belith :thinking: holy odds


do player happy they get mystero since lot of players asking to buff mystero?

Myztero is not powerful.

But you know, many games have some, sometimes powerful, sometimes not, weapon that is awarded only after beating all HP from the strongest boss in the game and essentially exists only so you can brag? That’s Myztero.


15 single pulls… (7 coins + gems)

2 x Hawkmoon
2 x Tyrum
Friar Tuck

Hu Tao

Always the same… It’s so boring and frustrating…


I’m happy to get him,but I’m unlikely to spend resources on him because my dark hero backlog is large

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