September 2019 Challenge Event [Knights of Avalon] & October 2019 Challenge Event [Pirates of Corellia]

A new one of each level would have made way more sense.

There’s getting to be too many 5*'s relative to the rest.


And it really does not make sense to add them in so much numbers with so little odds to get them… HotMs every month, Atlantis just ended with 3 new ones every quarter, new events coming with again 2 new per month, season 3 on the horizon (let me guess - more heroes). This is getting out of control and soon there will be a hundred of 5* heroes, that a typical player can only have a handful of, not to mention upgrade all of them. Even with the emblem quests and wars, there’s just not enough in this game to use them on, plus only a small percentage will own or even face them. Really feels like a wasted focus and effort.


I wish I didn’t still want guin and also now want Lady and Black Knight… gonna be hard to decide where to spend my monthly budget… Avalon, or what looks to be a fantastic Atlantis … glad it’s a solid HOTM…, should at least, hopefully… end up with her.


As of Today:
5*: 78
4*: 46
3*: 36

After four new Challenge Events, four new HotM, and assuming nothing gets added to Halloween or Winter Seasonals by the end of 2019 you’ll have more 5s than 3s & 4s combined…

5*: 90
4*: 46
3*: 40


Well, Avalon will presumably come again in 5 months. Returning HOTM in Atlantis are harder to rely on timing for.

Atlantis also has very slightly better odds for featured heroes, plus the Bonus Chests. But it also costs more to Summon, so that might be a wash.

For me personally, the new 5* Challenge Event heroes won’t get me spending gems. The odds are just too low for it to be worth it to me.

But Atlantis won’t get me spending gems either…I’ll use my Atlantis Coins in September most likely, but that’s all I’m planning on. I’ve spent enough gems in pursuit of Alberich in the past that I’m not willing to do that again.


Smart for sure, but I don’t personally mind having a “small” monthly budget for the game as it’s one of my major sources of “entertainment” … maybe pull a 10 for event for a shot in the dark and then any other sources go to Atlantis … I could really use a green and blue healer (although I also know I’m perfectly fine without them).


Odds are even worse for those who already have old event 5*. If I pull for Avalon heroes I wouldn’t mind getting Guin or Arthur. So for me it’s 1% chance for a good hero. But if you only pull for the new event heroes then it’s only 0.5%. Not a big deal for big spenders but really not appealing for c2p.


This is an unfortunate scenario (or fortunate, depending on point of view) that SGG has developed in their business model of this game. With such a high dependency/competition of strong heroes for most of the game’s aspects, and newer, unique heroes are continuing to do things better than the ones before him/her, and only by keeping the odds low/same will SGG hope for the hero chasers to keep spending $ on getting a certain coveted hero month after month. No body bothered to install breaks on this train they are on, and at this point in time, I don’t think they care, as long as monthly numbers keeps making sense.


For me it’s worth it to at least try for the 5’s in Avalon. I only have Arthur from this event and that was a very lucky pull when I first started playing. I don’t have any 5* healers so Lady and or Guin would be a stellar addition to my lineup

I am just gonna summon and hope for the best. I mainly want the three star hero anyway and the only new five star i even want is Lady of the Lake but my luck like many others with 5 stars is in the toilet. Took me 6 months to even get one 5 star so I am not holding my breath for another one right away.

That is the point. Unless you are a huge spender, you are not gonna end up with all these amazing heroes - only a few of them. And then you learn to strategize the best use for the heroes you got. I also like the fact that no defense is unbeatable. While a certain hero is a special counter for another hero, you can still win matches if the counter is missing with a solid strategy.


Yea I always liked the concept “learn to be best at whatever you randomly have” but it is just getting overwhelming, and frankly - even a bit silly.


Yeah it’s good to make the best possible use of heroes you have.

But how can I compete with big titan hitters without any elemental debuffersz without Miki and Tarlak.

When I started playing back in June 2018 classic 5* heroes were competitive. Now the power creep makes them less and less valuable.

Sure you can beat any defense with classic heroes. But it’s much more fun to have mana blockers, minions, elemental debuffers and other cool heroes from behind the paywall.


GRACIAS :grinning:


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Speaking of silly. Just ran across a Grazul at 4.80 with nine emblems. Less than 12 hours after introduction, someone managed to pull her, feed her to 4.80 and put 520 cleric emblems on her. That person has to have spent at least 1K today!


The only thing I think you would likely absolutely have to spend on would be food. Hoarding that much and then moving recruits around would be really hard…

It is possible to power level for free if you save up feeders for long enough. Hard to say how much they spent to pull Grazul, possibly nothing if they used EHT’s… Most likely spent a fair amount though. I don’t know why someone would do that much for this hero. Kingston? Sure… but not Grazul. Bragging rights, maybe?

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RIGHT!!! Which is dumb as hell! I’ve spent hundreds in the last couple months with ZERO 5s only 3 duplicate 4s & ZERO HOTM’S. Why would I possibly continue to keep wasting money & get nothing in return. Add all u want I’m done spending my money!!!

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Not to mention, where are the mats?! 5* are nearly impossible. It’s been months since I’ve received a tome and I gem my chests, use all titan hits, and am on the game several times a day. strong textWhere are the mats!??strong text :thinking:

Nah. I did that with Seshat.

I did 2 10-pulls on 07/01 and got her.
Had her @ 7 emblems day 1.

Did it by saving up recruits & food in TC20 for ~3 weeks, running (and not collecting TC2 & TC11) and saving all silver tokens. Then I farmed AR for a ton of rugged clothes.

Easy to do. Hardest part is having the emblems to spare.

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Any thoughts on muggy for the rare event i have 2 1 maxed and havent really used him

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