September 2019 Calendar (Events, Trials, Rare Quests & Atlantis Rises) Tentative

September Calendar of Events, includes 5 day Challenge Event Dates for Knights of Avalon.

Please note Rare Quests Dates may appear within a day or two of what is scheduled on the calendar.

*Revised calendar since Frostmarch was released today 09/06/2019 adjustments had to be made to the remaining Rare Quest Dates.
FYI…these dates may still appear a day or so of what is scheduled.

Furthermore, to ensure you have the correct calendar I have added a revision date to the bottom right corner.

** 09/12/2019 Revised to reflect changes for Atlantis Rises.

**09/18/2019 Revised to reflect additional changes to AR start date for this month and the following. Also updated Rare Quest Dates. Thank @Benn for bringing this to my attention. Much appreciated. :wink:


Link to info regarding updates to challenge events.


Amazing job as always. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your work!
@nono you do an amazing job, and I am so grateful!


Did I miss seeing Shrikewood? I don’t think it’s on August calender (I’m placing money on the 31st) but it may be September?

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I think they come at 7-10 day increments, and Mount Umber was on the 20th, so yes, it’s expected later today or tomorrow. Mount Umber came on the early end of that window, so the original August calendar didn’t include it (originally anticipated early next week). I’m not sure if @Novo took the time to revise the August calendar to reflect that expectation - probably not, since the month had mostly passed by the time that change would have been realized.

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@princess1 I was thinking the same thing as to maybe today or tomorrow that’s why I started with the next Rare Quest in line. But I will keep everyone updated if I make any revisions to the calendars. Thanks.


thanks 1,000,000

(plus 20 more thx)

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Super helpful and easy to read, thanks Novo!

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I’m planning on using your previous calenders as a reference for next year … If I last that long :rofl:

That’s why I’m hoping you won’t mind updating your August calender if Shrikewood shows up before September.

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Affs theres a chance we have trials frostmarch and Avalon at 11th… hope shrikewood pop up tomorrow otherwise it might spawn further on 11th or during the event… but the update might speed thinhs up… the major ones usually do.
It would be a waste of flags and no we handle it…


Thank goodness Shiloh Desert is coming at the end of September. I need to get my darts pile going if i ever hope to max out Leonidas. @Novo Thank you for the very easy to read calendar. Keep up the great work. 🖒

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Thank you soooo much for this.
I really appreciate your efforts (and so do the rest of my alliance) :smile:

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Thanks! Very nice!

One question… Skip shrikewood?

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Shrikewood is tomorrow or on Sunday I would say this is way it’s not posted.


@Novo Shrikewood is officially here!


Thanks @Benn. I don’t really have to make any adjustments to the September Calendar since I had anticipated Shrikewood would appear today and have already accounted 10 days for the next Rare Quest.

For our guild it’s going on now. 8/40

So i have to wait till end of september to get that one dart that has been eluding me and ascend Onatel. Well no problem, wait it is …thz for the updated calendar @Novo

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Thank u again this month! Translated korean ver :relaxed: I’ll look forward to it in October :jack_o_lantern:


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