🍻 [September 17, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

I ve created my account. Set all my heroes on my profile.

BUT, there is no TAVERN TEAMS OPTION there and also one CANNOT set any war attack / defense or titan team whatsoever. So, it`s total useless at this point. Tried with Chrome and M Edge.

The ideea is great. I was using M Excel for what this browser app was meant to do.

You need to go to the “my team’s” part.

At the top where it says “profile” or “my heroes” click there and there’s a dropdown list that comes up. Click the option which is “my team’s” and enjoy :slight_smile:

I will correct this, ty

and thanks @Guvnor for updating


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First time I could finish the challenge (with heavy use of items though) and was quite stoked to find out that there is no finishing reward at the end. Sort of dampened my euphoria for a short while :slight_smile:

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Exactly. I did that. Tried different browsers. I see my Heroes on the right. But cannot move any into team slots.

How do you move heroes from right to the team slots ? Drag & drop doesn t work. Clicking on the empty team slots don t work either. So, how does it work ?

Thanks in advance !

Dragging and dropping is how it works

The drag & drop doesnt work on mobile device / touch screen interface but it works fine on a computer/ laptop. Just tested it now on my PC using chrome & worked fine :slight_smile:

Yeah. It works for me now. I had to log off , close browser, open browser, log in and it works on Chrome. On MS Edge still doesn t work. Weird. But thanks !

LE : now I have the Tavern option, too.

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@GDIBass; above stuff RE MS Edge may be of interest to you!


Every month is easier and easier as I get more and more heroes. Had a full arsenal to kill the bosses on the stage 10 but seems like I only needed 2 healing potions.

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Last Time Team

Team Used


This Time Team


Spare Team

Other Spare Heroes


Everything under plan and used some minor mana item for stage 9.

*) Tavern Plan Team using HeroPlan.io by @GDIBass.


So I am assuming it is gonna be the current rotation of enemy teams until more and more old HoTMs get added right? I only ask because so I can better prep my teams for the bosses each time. Then again only my main has an extensive enough team to fully go through this event anyway.

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Good luck with the pulls !

Tavern is easier and easier if you got more heroes leveled up each month.

I wasted my time and flags , again, on Tavern of L…ame 3 stars pulls, like Nashgar and Valen. I guess it`s my last time I ll do it. I ll better use my flags for getting shirts for TC19 - way more usefull than TofL. Way more…

I do it because it’s fun. That’s what I’ve got this game for: playing it! I don’t do it for the loot, which is just as well really…

Oh, my team, you said? I’m too lazy to set up hero plan so I just did it in my head, which isn’t easy as my head tends to dot about a lot these days. But no major boo-boos (unlike last month, when I used my best team on the first level and then wondered where they’d gone when trying to start the second). Can’t remember most of the teams, already, as that was this morning! Last level was Seshat (of course), JF, Rigard CB (always), G. Kong and Proteus (obviously). Couple of minor items and we’re done.

That’s my expectation.

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Does anyone know how much exp the last stage gives? I’m sitting at 99% exp (3116 exp until level up) lol. Tryna minimize wasted WE

Its in the OP in the graphic lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s 4000 xp so it will level you up.

#Olmor’s minion auto-farm video shows it.

Edit: Or the graphic as @Guvnor pointed out lol.

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Oh i just saw it thanks lol. I usually only look at the bosses on the chart and missed the exp column haha

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Teams used:

I think the May version is the easiest of the Taverns (or maybe it’s just my roster), only ended up using a few health and mana pots and one bomb for the entire Tavern quest.


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