🍻 [September 17, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

So I am assuming it is gonna be the current rotation of enemy teams until more and more old HoTMs get added right? I only ask because so I can better prep my teams for the bosses each time. Then again only my main has an extensive enough team to fully go through this event anyway.

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Good luck with the pulls !

Tavern is easier and easier if you got more heroes leveled up each month.

I wasted my time and flags , again, on Tavern of L…ame 3 stars pulls, like Nashgar and Valen. I guess it`s my last time I ll do it. I ll better use my flags for getting shirts for TC19 - way more usefull than TofL. Way more…

I do it because it’s fun. That’s what I’ve got this game for: playing it! I don’t do it for the loot, which is just as well really…

Oh, my team, you said? I’m too lazy to set up hero plan so I just did it in my head, which isn’t easy as my head tends to dot about a lot these days. But no major boo-boos (unlike last month, when I used my best team on the first level and then wondered where they’d gone when trying to start the second). Can’t remember most of the teams, already, as that was this morning! Last level was Seshat (of course), JF, Rigard CB (always), G. Kong and Proteus (obviously). Couple of minor items and we’re done.

That’s my expectation.

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Does anyone know how much exp the last stage gives? I’m sitting at 99% exp (3116 exp until level up) lol. Tryna minimize wasted WE

Its in the OP in the graphic lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s 4000 xp so it will level you up.

#Olmor’s minion auto-farm video shows it.

Edit: Or the graphic as @Guvnor pointed out lol.

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Oh i just saw it thanks lol. I usually only look at the bosses on the chart and missed the exp column haha

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Teams used:

I think the May version is the easiest of the Taverns (or maybe it’s just my roster), only ended up using a few health and mana pots and one bomb for the entire Tavern quest.


Ugh, Microsoft browsers! I won’t have access to edge for a while, but I will look at this when I can!

FYI drag/drop shooooould work on mobile, although sometimes it’s iffy.

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I haven’t been able to get it to ever work with G.Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

But I also don’t try very often… Just use the computer then have the mobile for viewing :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried this lineup for Stage 5:

Worked pretty well, although I had to use all 5 Healing Potions. Nordri was, as you can imagine, the primary damage dealer; if he had been maxed, I’d have used fewer potions, and would not have had to resurrect him.
Renfeld (Surgeon) is amazing at near-permanent Mana suppression! With two mana drainers in support, this boss group never fired a single special.

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I’m slightly disappointed this time round, ToL is usually my favourite monthly event but the boss stage combos especially near the end didn’t really have enough firepower to make it challenging. 2 healers plus a low damage hit all meant no fear in firing tiles and setting off specials. Ho hum, always next time round.

Edit to include team used for last level:

I like “Tavern”, because I have use for many of my heroes finally. And it is great to have chance get some good old hero of the month, but I hate I got only 3*. Lets do Tavern2 for 100 heroes and make some better rewards for old players :wink:

Here are the teams I completed each level with. I’d say I find this to be the easiest ToL encountered so far.

Though I did fail an attempt at stage 7 with 3* heroes using the following team:


My hope was to cut and or stop their mana and slowly grind them down. The slash attack damage was higher than I expected and I made mistake that saw Natalya kill Hawkmoon which was the catalyst to my demise. Maybe Kailani or a blue team with Gunnar might be a better choice for next time.

Oh and this was my fully stacked Jarvur during stage 5 with level a 21 mana troop. 1216 attack stat on a 3* :joy:


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This is nice that you completed 6th stage with 3* heroes only. I don’t have many 4* heroes, so I wanted to use as many 3* as possible, but I thought that beating 6th stage with only 3* would be too difficult, I used a mixed team of 4* and 3* heroes.
7th stage I completed with C.Boldtusk, Scarlett, Li Xiu, Chao and Sonya. I can’t finish 8th stage because I ran out of good heroes. :slight_smile: Maybe next month.


Just clearing up to stage 7 is an achievement with a newer roster so well done! One thing you can try if your roster is still fairly small is to clear the first 2 stages with 2* feeder heroes or level 1 3* heroes you haven’t begun to level yet. This may allow you to stretch your roster a little further.

Up to stage 6 is beatable with an all 3* team in every ToL we have experienced to date. Some are more difficult then others and require a different approach in terms of team selection but each is doable. Attack debuffers and heroes that can control mana are really useful in the later stages (5-6), as are the spirit link heroes (Gunner, Kailani) if you’re concerned about snipers one hitting your 3*.

Stage 7 with a 3* team. Is it possible? With the right team and item use, I think so. Their health is just so much for a 3* attack power to whittle down that eventually something goes wrong and things sharply go south after that! Next month I’ll try again though. I like the challenge that ToL presents, which is one reason why I run 3* teams until I have none left. Well, that and because I have a bunch of 3* heroes that don’t get a lot of regular use and it’s fun to test them.


Here are the teams I beat all the stages with on my main profile:

Stage 1: Renfeld +15, Ulmer +15, Valen +6, Clad +1, Gato +1

Stage 2: Thorne (lvl 1), C. Gunnar +16, Magni (lvl 1), Rigard, Balthazar.

Stage 3: Thorne #2, Grimm, Elkanen, Boril, Kadilen.

Stage 4: C. Hawkmoon +20, Namahage +15, Rudolph +2, Azar, Colen.

Stage 5: Magni #2, Nordri +20, Sonya #2, Hu Tao +1, Melia +18.

Stage 6: Ameonna, Tyrum +15, Gill-Ra +20, Mnesseus +20, regular Brienne +20.

Stage 7: Kelile +18, Sir Lancelot (was at 4-35 ish), Wilbur +10, Chao +10, Danzaburo.

Stage 8: Scarlett +3, Grimm +20, Sonya +11, Sumitomo +15, BT +2.

Stage 9: G. Jackal +13, Telluria, Li Xiu +18, Joon, Hansel +2.

Stage 10: Proteus +20, G. Panther, Melendor +15, Kingston +2, C. Rigard +8.

Really had to plan out what teams to use for this. I was shocked at how far I could take the 3 stars and severely underlevelled 5 star heroes. Makes me hopeful for farming this event to get coins for summons as I refuse to spend gems on this event.

I also couldn’t really lean into my mono teams as good this time around. As I have a good mono answer in every element on my main. I just went in either 3-2 stacks or 2-2-1.

EDIT: Also for those that are sitting on a bunch of 3 stars, don’t underestimate them. If you properly stack like I did, then with some smart play you can get past the stages. Just keep a very close eye on your hero’s health. And bring regular health potions along with the highest antidote because that is roughly 150 hp being healed on top of status ailment cleansing. Hope this helps. :+1::hugs:


finished with a win on each try. (not really sure about 1 and 2, but used unleveled 3/4/5’s)
tol-sep-2 tol-sep-1

Hardest levels: 3 (because of the challenge) and 9 (this combo really did almost no damage, esp. after almur died. The bosses did not fire, but they do slash hard… used a few health and mono-potions). 10 was a breeze, with 1 timestop used, the bosses did not fire either. They gained mana really slow, I think last time was faster?

Last 2 sets of coins gave jahangir and scarlet, so nothing new (already eaten…)

Passed it fully as usual. Got no new heroes.

Somebody in my guild got Mystzero, another person got HOTM & 3 past HOTM this month (they used coins, plus a 10 pull).

Maybe I will get someone useful from here at some point; I don’t even have all S1 5*.

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