🍵 [Sept 2020] Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

I did not need to replay this weekend as I was busy with my family.

For Epic, I woke up this morning I was 527th. I just replayed 2 stages to bring the rings back home. :slightly_smiling_face:

@vanZille congrats 48th rank in rare :clap:
Same for me for Grimforest (legendary) as I don’t have Miki and Frida or Arthur. Let’s do it with Wu Kong Nordri Gunnar C :rofl:


I feel daft! I forgot it was ending today and ran out of time to do Legendary :rofl:

I beat Rare with Balthazar (+12), Valen, Agnes, Ei-Dunn and Nordri (all maxed). We had to use healing potions and a couple of axes and arrows but we won :slight_smile:

I beat Epic with Colen (+18), Cyprian (+16), Tiburtus (+20), Rigard (+19) and Sonya (+7). On level 15, we let them have the full arsenal of bombs, axes and arrows :rofl:

I scored terribly as usual but I got 10 adventure kits so that made me happy :wink:

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Did not get fingers on the 4 star AM yet… but due to lack of time and battle items I did not replay a lot… so I am ok with the Final result… perhaps soon I can compete better; seriously surprised on the score in epic, would have expected a much lower rank…


Final Result

Target: Flask reward range rank


Use all mono red,… except Stage 15 Legendary use 4-1 with Miki.



IMAGE 2020-09-14 19:38:31


Did about 5x with coins, and 5 with gems I think, I already have all 4* and 3* Wonderland event heroes, get notable summon is 1st Obakan :innocent:
3x ETT: 2x rare, and…

my 6th Epic Crit troop, maybe it will be for retrain HA9.


Maybe next time I will prepare to compate, but maybe I will not use any items for about 2-3 month, or and maybe after all building are completed, so irons can be for craft items, etc,… :muscle:.


I completed all of rare and 7 stages of epic. This is the best challenge results thus far in my journey! :slight_smile:


Agree, he’s been quite helpful with Dark/Purple titans

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Wow, that was close. I was 8200 then by the end of the challenge event (4hrs) I finished 9800 haha

Managed to get my typical
6 WE Flasks
6 Raid Flasks

I literally got one of each 3* Troop, with an extra blue.

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Here are my end results with the scores for Rare and Epic. Top 1k in Rare is getting way more competitive this is only like the 7th time I’ve done it and I swear scores have increased by like 30k. It was the first time I got Top 500 in Epic. My first run through had some good scores so I didn’t need to do a whole lot to increase my scores. Not sure I’ll ever go for Top 1k in Legendary since I don’t think I’ve got the roster.


I didn’t take miky plus 11… and still did it…

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Total 5
Valen and Carver at the beginning of event
Got my first 5* from a single pull. Sadly it was a dupe Isarnia. :sob::joy: Kailani next. And then… Cheshire Cat! :grin:

My best ever results overall. Reached my targets in Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


I was hoping to pull Alice…ended up pulling Hatter & Queen. Since I already have Rabbit & Jabber I was pretty happy. Four 5* Wonderland Heroes on a team will be nice. Might be worth taking Telly out.

Need to decide on what blue to mix with them:

  • Magni (No Costune :disappointed:)
  • Athena
  • Arthur
  • Raffael
  • Misandra
  • Captain of Diamonds to go for 5 WL heroes?

Advice welcome.


I assume you are talking about your raid defense? If so and you do take Telly out then I would say Raffaele cause the four wonderland heroes provide zero healing and a defense should have at least one healer of some sort on it. If you were thinking offense then I would go with Arthur for elemental def down or Athena for her reg def down.

Here are two Proteuses side by side:

(I took one attack node for Proteus+19 otherwise his stats would be 722 atk 702 def 1256 HP)

Yes if you take the def/HP path all the way through, a Proteus+18 has much more survivability compared to Proteus+0, so he’s definitely worth all those wizard emblems.

Just to put it into perspective for you, taking a Proteus to +18 requires 395 emblems, which is only enough to take a 5* to +7. A 4* at +18 has roughly 5* stats, but a 5* at +7 is only just slight improved. My personal philosophy is key 4* heroes (Proteus definitely being one of them) are worth every emblem taking them to +18, where they will be much closer to an unemblemed 5* in stats and reduce that power gap significantly. OTOH a 5* at +7 while an improvement, is unlikely to be game changing unlike a 4* at +18.


Well, 1st alt lucked out and scored Capt. Of Diamonds. I am okay with that because I am trying to build up snipers and minion crushing heroes. Also my blue 4 stars are severely lacking on that account. Main didn’t pull anything special except food.

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Insignificante isso da raiva, 3 * só serve pra alimento

Insignificant about anger, 3 * only serves for food

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