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Grimm +6 Danzaburo 3/60 Jackal +19 Li Xui Zocc

Nothing interesting to tell really danzaburo special triggered blindnes on boss wave and then Zocc came into play dissabling Scarlett and Nashgar. Huge combo caused Azlar to fire but bosses were low on hp to have any impact on the battle.

Items used: 3 Potent Healt 1 Bomb attack 2 small mana


I also went all attack, but as you say, Grimm picks up enough health and def along the way to be more serviceable. After Grimm, my next barbarian option is Azlar, and he can wait. I think the nodes for Grimm will help me more. If I had Gretel, as you do, it would be another story.


I remember this trial being very hard, with only grimm and danza as fully leveled 4*.

Now I have marjana at 4/75, kelile (4/70), jott (4/70), jackal at +18 and mokkarr at 4/10. Took jackal/danza/grimm/jott and Marjana. Blue tiles are devastating when buffed. Used a few antidotes against burn and 1 precautionary healthpotion when jackal was in the red.

Trainer to marjana (1 more level now), emblems in store


Grimm+11 | Gretel 4/70 | Gravemaker+8 | Malosi 4/80 | Jackal+18

No healers, so went with 3 v fast heroes to compensate. Boards were ok, mobs kept picking on Gretel so had to keep replenishing her HP since she was a rather key hero. Used two bombs on the last mob wave to preserve a board that had two yellow diamonds with about 15 yellow tiles. Mana’d up Grimm, started GM’s burn, then unleashed the holy cascade which instantly knocked everybody down to about half health.

Set Gretel on Scarlett as she was about to go off, then a lucky yellow cascade killed her, but unfortunately set off Nashgar, who thankfully hit GM (the sturdiest in my lineup). Used an antidote to cleanse off the burn, then punched out Nashgar. At this point a bomb would’ve finished off Azlar, but since I wasn’t in any danger of dying I decided to just keep playing the board, and eventually a single yellow tile clipped Azlar and that was the end of him.

Item tally: Bomb x2, health pot x4 (all used during mob waves ironically), antidote x1

Emblems to GM to bring him to +9, trainer saved.


Yeah, Azlar is … not great. He is my only red 5* and I still don’t use him. He doesn’t even make my titan team since Scarlett and Kelile are both +18 and their A values beat his. I am not knocking him, he has value. I just can’t make him work reliably. I got Colen very late too so I just never had to figure out those two.

After Gretel to +18 I need to decide if I boost my LJ who is +1 and has the costume bonus or bite the bullet and start loading Azlar. We’ll see :man_shrugging:. I know you love LJ, but I got him late.

I am currently talenting Li Xiu and she pairs well with LJ for wars and ToL where I can’t keep using Chao or Gretel for mana control. Maybe I do that. Li Xiu keeps the talents until Raf gets unstuck from 3:70. I am 5 scopes short, so he should be ready about half past never :laughing:




Overall, not too much trouble. I used a couple healing pots to keep Marjana alive against the final bosses. Barb emblems to GM, rogue emblems to Brynhild, trainer hero to Jabberwock (3/23).


I beat all 3 levels for the first time :smile_cat: I had to use bombs, axes and arrows but I won!

My team was Obakan (2/60), Grimm (4/43), Domitia (3/70), Agnes (maxed) and Nordri (maxed). Oh trap tools, how I need you! I used the fighter emblems to take Colen to +19 and I am saving the barbarian emblems. Grimm ate the poor 3* blue trainer hero :rofl:


Congrats @Commander_K! With Obakan none the less! You made him an ObaKAN not an ObaKAN’T!



@Muchacho, thanks dude :smile_cat: Lol, true…I was a bit bummed when I first got Obakan but I’ve found he does better than I expected. I still must give Domitia the trap tools next though because I promised her :wink:

I also didn’t realise you could have sigs on here and that the beer is yours. I kept thinking you were offering me a beer :rofl:

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