🔵 [Sept 13, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Team last time/ Team this time

Was going to bring back cSonya in place of Alasie according to last months notes, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so went with this setup. Had to use items because Alasie was like a shiny beacon on the field of battle and all the attacks were attracted to her. Other than keeping her alive it was a much better battle this time.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Tyr who I made a last minute decision to level instead of pulling the trigger on Marjana.


My team:

No items used.

The new emblems will go to Richard and second Lianna.


Your loss, homie. Especially with D droppers, Thorne can bring the pain. I’ve been constructing a mid-to-late war team of Gormek, Brynhild (to speed up their mana), and Thorne, and I mopped the floor with a 4100 D team this morning by wiping out the right side (and the tank) and then the left side with the Gormek-Thorne 1-2 punch.

She’s as good as advertised, even before getting her fully maxed. She and Joon took their sweet time about showing up, but they give me something to be excited about almost two years in!


I got Thorne late. Would you really level Thorne over Athena? I then took Raf to 70 first as I have no 5* healer and he is a monster.

Thorne to 70 is after Justice and BT costume and before Horghall unless things change prior.


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No. I’m just jerking your chain. Thorne has his limitations. I mostly like using him because nobody else wants to. :laughing:

My Horghall is still upset that I drew Lianna and Kadilen. He thought he was getting maxed soon.


I beat all the stages with Rigard in his costume (+19), Tiburtus (+20), Cyprian (+16), Lianna (maxed) and Sonya (+7) :smile_cat:

I am saving my emblems and blue 3* trainer hero. I have 65 cleric emblems now so when I get 5 more, I will take Rigard up to +20 :slight_smile:


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