Seperate War and Tournament days

We are all tired of the server problems associated with the raid tournament and alliance wars. Please consider separating them until you get servers updated to handle the number of players.
It would be so simple to Run tournament on weekdays and war on weekend.

I agree. Much as I love the game, I think sometimes there is just too much going on and it’s hard for our members who actually want a life outside of the game.

Sometimes I think it’s unfair to ask them for 100% commitment twice a week for wars and then daily titans on top of that.


Yes agree, for war once a week is enough I think.


I like war 2X a week its the rest of the junk added in that’s causing problems try Spreading it out over the week would be better. Tournament 1 day war the next then special quests. Every war the tournament causes issues. Do it on a different day or get rid of it

Nope. Leave wars as they are. They’re the only good thing that’s working.

I would suggest shortening the tournaments instead. However, it’s just 5 battles a day, it’s not that unrealistic

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I actually love the current amount and varity of action there is ATM. It is just what this game needed to bring it out of the BORING catagory and into the GEES WOW so much to do here I can’t keep up factor.

Choose your games you want play if you can’t do them all BUT PLEASE DO NOT GO BACK TO WHAT IT WAS.

If you can’t do a midweek WAR the OPT OUT, if you can’t use 5 hits a day for 4 days in the torni DON’T JOIN IN.

This is the absolute best E&P has been ever and looking forward to more in the future.
As long as they ate always giving uou options to opt in or join in or not then it makes it fair for those that like to spend hours a day on the game but also provide options for those that can’t or don’t then SG has done thier job well in my books.

Bottom line, opt out if you can’t make it, SIMPLE’S.

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I’m not against wars at all, I enjoy them. I just think that running them and the tournaments at the same time is more than the servers can handle. This idea is to stop the constant problems from overloading the system
An alternative may be to split the tournament to Monday-Tuesday, war Wednesday, finish tournament Thursday-Friday, war Saturday.

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Reduce fun due to some minor server issues?


It’s no fun to get locked out of the game. I’d rather be able to play consistently than get an apology flask.
My suggestion is to adjust until they can update server system to handle all of us enjoying the great variety the devs have implemented.
I think this compromise would keep everything running smoother and reduce frustration. My hope is for this to be a temporary solution and the wars could return to regular schedule after capacity problems are solved.

They already did by disabling war during tournament and vice versa.

I don’t think, that the whole game has to be constantly thinned due to that.

I must be one of the lucky ones then as in my 12 months of playing I have only received 2 apology
Flasks in all that time and if I remember rightly the only 2 times I have actually seen that SG had server issues. So maybe if your experiencing them more frequently then it may be a location or time factor.

As a server owner I can say that not all server issues come from the server it’s self per say but from internet connections during peek periods or from your own ISP (ISP’s are great at blaming it on others) which can be seen as a server issue from a user’s point of view/end.

At the end of the day if your getting free flasks out of it then I wouldn’t be complaining to much as me having to chase more.

Servers are a lot of work and when dealing with millions of members world wide it makes it even 100 times harder. Unfortunately these type of issues will happen to the best of use at the best of times and it doesn’t matter whether there is (in this case) only 1 game or 10 games going on at the same time as they are totally unpredictable and came be caused by 100 different reasons.

Reducing the amount of games or times they are on will not change that at all.


It may be a timing thing. I’ve gotten messages that say the server is at maximum capacity. If you check the threads for bugs and issues, it’s usually worldwide when it occurs. The moderators are hounded, people act like its intentional and demand compensation. I think it would give the developers a little breathing room to update.

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