Separate Ranking Tables for each Score (Alliance / Trophy / Titan / War)

The game currently has a TOP ALLIANCES leaderboard on which alliances are ranked based on their Alliance score (i.e. Trophies + Titans + Wars).

Please add 3 more tables where alliances will be ranked by their:
a. War Score
b. Titan Score
c. Trophy Score

It’d be interesting to see how each alliance scores on each table.

Additionally, it would be even more interesting, if we could have an option on each of the 4 tables (alliance / war / titans / trophies) that would sort alliances by the average score of their players. E.g.
alliance A with War Score 100,000 and 20 players (average 5,000 WS per player) ranking higher than alliance B with WS 130,000 and 30 players (average 4,333 WS per player).

Thank you!

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