Separate players in events

to be honest.
All events are being seen the same in leaderboards and always higher levels.
be it a rounds tournament event with 3 heroes or some seasonal event it is almost impossible to achieve a good score due to the amount of high levels in the game.

It would be good if the events were separated taking into account the highest levels of troops and heroes and in this way
make a prize level like this now but that the high levels compete with each other, the medium levels on the other hand, and the low levels between them.
in this way the levels can have a fairer competition and this will give more incentive to the players. Since you have a prize level according to the cups, you could implement this for each game event such as: tournaments, special events, seasonal events, etc. the prize could be lower but it would be more fair

when I speak of level I mean to take into account mainly the troops, the heroes and the player level

woulndt do that, level isnt everything, there are lv50 players with a better roster and ability than lv75 ones, no need to level if you can buy stuff. wouldnt be fair then too, there is no other solution to that except you could choose from 3 different events (rare1-rare2-rare3 for example) with different loot, so the topplayers go for the one with best loot in 3 (there must be significant difference in loots to 2 and 1 of course to make them choose that) etc and still wouldnt be 100% fair imo. :fox_face:

but following your logic.
you should choose one of the 3 options (easy, medium and advanced) and only play one.
I mean, how will a person of level 20 be able to reach first place in the easy event? That never happened . Now if you choose to choose a level 70 that can only participate in one option or fight between the higher levels, it is more fair and that is why I say take into account the level of troops and heroes

Man think a little bit before creating new topics. It has no sense to separate players by level. Players lvl only indicate that there was “x amount” of xp farmed. It can be done by playing a lot

Is it fair that i would lose to Roger Federer on my first day of practicing tennis :thinking:
Top players put a lot of cash and time into playing, if that doesnt have benefits then why play (or pay). All we can do is learn and get better, i dont pay much and always short on battle items, still manage to show up on event rare-epic scoreboards (sometimes :smile:) by getting info and experience over time, game is a marathon, no sprint. I have good experience with embleming a solid red 3star team for all but the reflecting rare challenge events, same doing for epic now, baby steps :fox_face:

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OP didn’t say user level

Initially you make it sound like the game would choose for you based on your troops/hero levels; now it sounds like you’re changing it to a player can choose which level they compete in. Has your initial idea changed? If so change it in the idea.

The issue I see is if a player qualifies for the highest tier but regularly gets little during these events would just drop down a tier. In this lower tier they could get better prizes than before while pushing out players who “belonged” there; repeat for every lower tier.

In the end the lower tiers will just be flooded with players from the upper tiers.

That’s why I say that the level of the troops and the heroes is taken into account.
if you put the same heroes with let’s say the same troops it will be more fair

no, I’m not changing, I’m showing that either way the idea would be to make the tournament fairer since the game “separates the players” by cups or level. why not do it at events. I mean, a new level 4 player is not supposed to face an assault against a level 90 player with troops of 4 * to the maximum and heroes of 5 with all the emblems. so why in the events if?

if you are participating at the professional level if it is right now if you are in a beginners tournament and they put you to compete professionals and it is not fair

in the game we see that the players are separated according to their level:
the titans, assaults, wars, why not separate the events?

when I talk about level I mean to take into account the troops mainly, the heroes and the player’s level

I get the idea, but don’t see that being more fair. And what’s fair, that all have the same roster? Even then the boards wouldn’t be fair for everyone. I see no solution, but honestly see no problem too the way it works now.

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I think I understand what you’re saying, but am not sure what you’re suggesting makes anything “fairer”.

The raiding system based on level of cups is not fair. Cup droppers, although they have the hero roster to stay in diamond, will smash teams barely in platinum. It happens to my alt account all the time, I have no maxed 5* heros, yet face multiple teams of maxed and emblemed 5* heros.

Is that fair? No, but that’s what happens and I actually enjoy the challenge of beating such teams.

AFAIK, the players that rank highly in events, tournaments etc have invested a lot in the game, and why shouldn’t they enjoy the spoils of their efforts? I have alliance mates who worked hard to complete the NT, they deserve their rewards. Others didn’t, but still got something for their efforts.

Lowering the expectations, should not be the goal. Aren’t we playing the same game?

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nobody said to lower expectations.

I don’t understand why they don’t see the points I’m trying to explain:

now how is the game the best players who made an effort reach the top positions and get their prizes

With the change that I suggest that does not change, the difference is that lower level players will have the option of competing with each other for lower prizes but the possibility of reaching first place.
In this way, separating them opens up more possibility of reaching first place, even if it is a smaller prize but it will increase the motivation to play in general

I do not think that there is a problem but if this could improve the expectations of the events and that people get more motivated

Strongly agree with @vanZille. Everyone on the leaderboard of challenge events has put in the work: pulled and leveled heroes/troops, crafted battle items, learnt the events strategy etc.

The challenge events set up is what it is. I second vanZille’s suggestion to do what we can.

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