Separate notification for FREE daily summons

Since the number of the free summons is now gone (v23), it is impossible to tell whether our free daily summons are available in the not-so-rare case of hoarding tokens.

Previously I could at least try to remember my number of tokens and try to spot when it suddenly changed by “2”. Now it’s impossible as the sign “FREE” is always there.

Please add a separate notification text for “Daily!” or something to distinguish stacked tokens from free daily summons.

You can find the problem described with photos in that topic:

This change will be reversed anyway with the next update.

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Oh. Is there some list of changes from last update that were or weren’t intended (and are going to be reverted)?

No, but a staff’s note related to this particular change. Upon the feedback they received, this change will be reversed to initial state. At the next update, they say…

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