Separate Currency for Shop Cosmetics

Has anyone proposed that SGG (for this game at least, Idk if Puzzle Combat already has one) opt in a farmable currency that allows for some of us to purchase some of the shop cosmetics without using gems (which are practically “super expensive” to obtain w/o VIP)?

Especially since it feels weird to value an avatar, pin, or background for a player profile the same as 2 EHT pulls or roughly half of a x10, a tenth of a x30. It doesn’t have to apply to anything else, but an alternative method of getting, for example, a purple background or the forest background paired with a Hansel avatar or Onatel.

This is a great idea !

Its funny the farmable currency in another game I play is called Mana …

Get a side hustle, make money and spend that on gems. Unlike gems, you could also spend that elsewhere with businesses that don’t later nerph stuff they sell you.

I think that gems fit that role fine. The problem is people only see gems as a means of summoning where there are so many other uses for them. I mostly spend my gems on re-entering the weekly tournaments, or roaster space. Those to me have had a tremendous impact, moreso than summoning another 3* hero. Some players love avatars and backgrounds and to them that’s what they want to spend their gems on, others many weapons or getting more energy flags. There’s already so many uses for gems, plus you really don’t need to pay for gems, as you can get them pretty much anywhere in the game. So to add a separate currents for cosmetic reasons only… Would just be too much hassle than it’s worth.