🔵 [Sep 25, 2019] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Sabina +17; Merlin 3/27 ; Balthazar +1; Skittleskull 3/60; Kirill +10

I was already using healing potions to get through the second level, so I don’t plan to try level three…


Shilo Desert came EARLY!!! My Onatel got her final set of darts this morning!!! Awwwwwwwwoooooooooo!!!


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

For the 4th time in a row:

Unlike previous times, the Bosses actually fired once, mostly because I was being stingy with items, and tried to avoid using any Mana.

I ended up using 10 Minor Healing Potions because it was pick-on-weak-Proteus day.

But still, on the whole, very easy.

Shiny New Emblems

Ameonna managed to step up to +1, and Kiril stepped up once to +10, and is only one Emblem short of his next Node.

Never Too Many Protei

Proteus number 3 ate the Trainer Hero.

Maybe out of complete ridiculousness, he’ll join this team next time. :thinking:


I finished Shiloh Desert at around 1am Florida time. So when I woke this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see another event. This isn’t my best trial event, but I took some weapons and:

Needless to say, but PROTEUS FOR THE WIN!!! Oh, and the emblems are stockpiling for either Sartana or a second Proteus.

Oh, and here’s the team right before last stage (forgot to take a screenshot before the first two stages):


Merlin Kiril Sartana Skittleskull Sabina.
Substituted Merlin 3/38 for Chochin+7. No difference. Need more Merlin leveling. Chochin general usefulness; Merlin good for shutting down Ulmer in the early going.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Changed: Kiril max and Anzogh start tier 3.

The Battle

At boss step, nice charged healty, used 2 heal and 4 axes (for savety in every step).

Sabina and Merlin died, Actually I did not notice and also not so much care of both, so use last axe, 3 bombs and 4 mana (for proteus).


Emblem wizard, keep until has enough ham for Proteus, or wait… I think I want give Kiril at least +1, and Soccerer keep later for Ursena.
Trainer keep for Rigard later.

Video Last Boss


Don’t be surprised! The trials happen every Sunday and Wednesday :slight_smile:

It would have been better for Shiloh to start yesterday, since the trials are on a fixed and predictable schedule. I guess SG wanted to go a full seven days between rare quests though. Still, I’m glad it’s today and not during AR. And then there’s another trial on Sunday, so if they had waited until after AR for Shiloh, it would end up being almost two full weeks between rare quests. I’m fine with skipping the extra monster chest today for the guaranteed AMs and emblems!


I have to agree that the 2 events together it’s difficult in terms of WE specially if you want a fat chest fill. I unluckily don,t have that issue because I can’t take part in last level of trials.

I joined with the best heroes I have: Ulmer 3.50 +7, Ulmer 3.50, Balthazar 3.50, Baltazhar 3.21 and Jahangir 3.50. Not hard for me those 2 levels. Some health and maná potions in bosses.


Sacrificed some healing and switched out Sabina for Kiril #2 to try and get away from 4 purples. On my bench…more purples lol:

Since I had Kiril to overwrite the debuff, I swapped in more mana pots (instead of antidotes) to make up for the decreased healing and it worked out great. Cool action shot @D_DI. I tried for something similar:

Trainer and emblems get held for now. I was feeding the emblems to Sartana but I’m undecided at the moment on how I want to proceed with giving them to 5* vs 4* heroes.


Oh goodness… Wish me luck

My other options:

Seriously debating training Quintus, just so I have some firepower… All my other 3*s are too squishy for last level.

Except Gill-Ra… I could put her there instead of Kiril number 2. She’s sturdy enough at +20, and defense down is probably gonna be more helpful than extra healing.


Damage output was on the low side with this group, but the final boss was a joke. I used one mana pot to top Proteus up once, but other than that it was just slowly whittling them down. With all this healing and mana control there was no worry whatsoever. Lady of the Lake’s minions knocking mana off after tiles charge it is extra nice, especially once’s you have more than three out there.


Used Sabina +20, Merlin, Skittleskull, Onatel +8, Kiril.

Slow to get through, but never in danger of losing anyone due to double heals. Onatel shorted Mana gain on the bosses; Merlin made the bosses hit themselves. Skittleskull (a hero who I’ve come to begrudgingly appreciate) kept the attack down.

One time stop used and a couple of small Mana vials, but otherwise no issues.


Nice rainbow. I could go mono purple :smiley:


Even easier than last time, used a couple minor mana potions, and 1 dragon attack.

Used Sabina-Isanrnia-Kashhrek-Proteus-Skittleskull. I might need to tweak it so that Sabina is next to Kashhrek next time, but maybe not.


The only thing that changed for me this time is my heroes were leveled higher. Here’s what I brought

This one is by far the hardest one for me. I think it’s because I’m bringing 4 heroes vs the same color enemies. That’s all I got though. I do have a Skittleskull and a Proteus (both at 1:1) and 2 Sartana’s (both at 1:1). So eventually this one won’t be as difficult but until then, rough.


I hadn’t figured that one out yet… but thank you. One thing I do know is: Atlantis tomorrow (unless they changed it once again :slight_smile:


Last time:

This time. It took me a sec to remember why I went double Kiril. I subbed in the cat anyway because I wanted to get a better feel for him. Double Kiril was better.

Embleming banked because I don’t have enough for either Kiril or maybe the Cat. Don’t have any good Sorcerors to spend that on. Idk. Li Xiu ate the trainer.


I used Balthazar, Ursena, Kiril, Kashhrek, and Anzogh. I beat the first two levels easily but had a hard time on the third, especially since my Anzogh is only 1-18. I used dragons, bomb attacks, Time Stops, and revive scrolls as items, and had to revive using 75 gems. It was worth it because I leveled my Sabina with the 3* Trainer hero.


This is one of the trials for which I have the least powerful heroes.

I went with Balthazar (maxed) - Sabina (3/54) - Jahangir (1/22) - Kashrek (3/22) - Ulmer (2/21)

I didn’t track my team last time but I suppose there was no level increase since last time, or very little, since these are not heroes I’m working on currently. Maybe Kashrek improved a bit.

I was able to beat the first stage easily enough but got slaughtered by the bosses on the second stage.

Emblems are stored.


My team this time:

  • Sabina +19
  • Kiril +19
  • Onatel 3^70
  • Skittleskull 4^70
  • Ameonna 3^60

Late to post. Only changes were Sabina up one talent and Kiril up four.

Despite the disadvantage of having two purples against two purple bosses, this trial isn’t too bad. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, meaning attack down on all bosses and attack and defense up on all allies. Both Ameonna and Sabina died, but this was still a no-doubter. Kiril reverses the bosses’ debuffs pretty easily. I did use a few health potions, and one bomb to bridge over between Skittles’ attack downs.

Not enough emblems to gain a talent for Sabina or Kiril. Trainer hero to Domitia, who is approaching max. With Shiloh being the same day, Onatel did reach final ascension, so perhaps this trial gets even easier next go around.