🔵 [Sep 22, 2019] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Melendor, Gade, Rigard, Boril, Caedmon

Being as only Gade and Caedmon we’re doing the heavy lifting in this one I relied on Boril to take out the bosses. 2 dragon attacks and 1 arrow later I had 16 new emblems and a trainer. Yunan devoured the trainer as he’s a growing boy on his last ascension.

This by far is my one of my least favorite trials, it seems more tedious than fun. Although this is mostly due to my over abundance of healers and lack of hitters in these classes.


I will echo what @zephyr1 said.
Melia is really fantastic. She has helped me defeat better enemies by giving critical hits many times.
I was reluctant like you… with leveling her because she seems somewhat rubbish.

But now I use her in my defense and attack and do much better with her in wars/raids.


You’re not likely to be able to kill the Bosses with them, so the strategy would be to get to the Bosses and then nuke them.

Here’s the Guide I made for that:

Based on that, if you took Dragon Attacks, Bombs, Axes, and Minor Healing Potions, you could try to make it through to the Bosses and then fire all items.

The items alone are enough to kill the Bosses, with 1 Axe to spare.

It’ll be hard, but I think it’s doable.

I’d suggest taking Rigard and Kailani to help with survival through the monsters.

Brienne is good for making your tiles hit harder, so you can make it through the earlier Waves. Melia can help there too. They’ll be needed so you can kill the monsters with tiles and no heavy hitters.

I’d take Belith in the last slot, to help Rigard and Kailani with keeping everyone alive.

It’ll be slow and risky, but I think it’s doable.


I only have my Forge to 14 at the moment. I have researched the Bombs (and currently researching Dragon Banner but obviously don’t have Dragon Attack yet) so I can take those and have no axes or Dragon Attacks.

So I don’t waste time researching stuff in the Forge, what should I research and whats should I leave? As the Dragon Banners cos 600k to research, for example. But I thought they may be useful??

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I personally never use Dragon Banners, though lots of people like them for higher level Titans.

Dragon Attacks are a must when you get to them, they’re a core component to item nuking, and will help you get through Class Trials, Rare Quests, and Legendary Challenge Events car sooner than you’d be able to otherwise.

Dragon Attacks are Forge Level 16, so they’re not in the cards for you today.

Looking at the chart above, you’d need to do 1195 damage after Bombs, Axes, and Arrows. I don’t think that’s practical with Vivica in the mix. She’s too likely to end up healing faster than you can kill her.


My husband had that today with…Moonhawk, Melia (both max emblems), Boril, Gadeirus, Kailani…

That team doesn’t hit hard enough and Viv always healed herself. The fight was so long, he hit autoplay in the middle, then I tried…no timeout, no tie break… after many minutes Viv managed to kill the team…


My team this time:

  • Rigard +20
  • Melendor +18
  • Boril 4^70
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Ranvir 2^60

Compared to last time, Rigard is up 11 talents (I reset Hawkmoon), Melendor is up 4, and Ranvir is in for Brienne 3^50. Seemed like Ranvir made way more difference in my last trials of nature squad than this trials of fortitude. Not sure why. As usual, my main problem was a lack of hitters.

Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, but managed to botch the timing on riposte twice, allowing Horghall to fire without consequences. I had him on the ropes as Vivica was about to fire, so I dragoned him. Same kind of thing with Boril. Got him close, then dragon, bomb, axe, axe, axe. Vivica didn’t have enough to hold out by herself, but just barely, since I had no punishing hitters.

Not enough druid emblems to get Melendor to +19. Holding cleric emblems until after Shiloh this week, when I’ll decide whether to ascend Onatel or Vivica. If Onatel, cleric emblems probably to Boril. If Vivica, I’ll save them for her. Trainer hero goes to my second Caedmon, since I don’t have a good green project. Maybe I’ll max him eventually, just for another hitter in this trial.


Hmm, that’s interesting. :thinking:

Maybe it’s related to your Trials of Nature team having good synergy with Ranvir from Tiburtus and Melia?

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I think that’s most likely the case, yes. Will be interesting to me to see if my trials of nature team continues to romp and/or my trials of fortitude team continues to struggle in subsequent repetitions. That’s why I appreciate these threads. Helps me see such trends.


Last time, same team, maybe a few levels lower and/or emblems. Who cares really.

This time:

Ranvir’s health dependent damage is kind of annoying because you’re hoping to kill something at low health then forget, so Horghall got to fire a few times. Bit of an annoying fight because of Vivica and Horghall, but killed Groot first, then the dorf, then the lady. Yay.

No emblems spent because I didn’t have enough. Trainer went to the Cat.


I have been fooled by the team power suggestion till today. I had some spare flags and gave a try.

That’s what I had: luckily 2 jennas weren’t eaten by a starving Carver and helped me to beat that drunken old dwarf and the crazy girl.

Spirit link defense buff and heals gave enough sustain to kill the bosses spending few arrows and pots


My team last time


My team this time

I only had to use axes in the final stage. Having Ranvir, Caedmon, and the Hatter helped a lot. I was able to breeze my way through the stages. I targeted Boril first in the final stage. He was done for after my three hitters nailed him. Then the axes took down Horghall to almost nothing. Surprisingly Vivica was more difficult than I remembered her being. Her special seemed like it went off faster than normal. But in the end victory was mine. The 3* trainer will go to Muggy who is on the last ascension (laugh at me all you want). I’m ready for this one again!!


I pretty much had the same team like last time. Brienne, Kailani, Belith, Hawkmoon and Mnesseus. Mnesseus was my lone offensive hero as always for this trial. Having the double healers and the spirit link helped with staying alive. Having triple greens helped with taking out Boril. Just wish I had another fire cleric to help with Brienne. We need more druids in other elements. Other than event and HoTMs imho. It is trials like this I wish I had Caedmon and Rigard but alas, they still elude me.

Druid emblems are going to Belith to get her to node 15 at least then going back to save up the 35 for Brienne. I have Belith in my raid defense team, that is why I kinda detoured from saving the 35 for Brienne. The cleric emblems are being saved for either Hawkmoon or Kailani. Haven’t decided yet.

My alt on the other hand I had to four man it with all clerics as I have absolutely no druids on this one. Had a double Mnesseus, Agwe, and Hawkmoon. Only did the first stage because I was very underlevelled for this one. Cleric emblems are going to Mnesseus #1 and druid emblems are being saved for whoever decides to show their face in my alt’s line up.


Did a bit better this time, needing less items to finish the last stage. Used what I’m pretty sure is the same team as last time, which is:


Al are maxed with at least 1 Emblem, but the 3 on left have a fair number of nodes unlocked. I keep bringing Hawkmoon for the strong tile color, and she didn’t even die on the final stage this time, but it was close.

Used 3 Axes & Dragon attacks heavily, some antidotes, and a dragon banner or 2.


Your team is good enough, the first time I complete the last stage, my team was also consisted of 1x 3/60 4*, 2x healers, & Kailani. No emblem on my 3* though. @zephyr1 is right, you need to research Dragon Attack.


I avoid Melia at every opportunity, call me sexist but after a bad experience where I did not understand her I avoid her at any cost. Yes, that is ridiculous with my team depth now but it was a humiliating experience.

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Trials of fortitude not for smaller accounts

I’ve been playing since May I think and haven’t had the greatest pulls. Many thus far have been healers, linkers or deflectors. Recently I’ve gotten more hitters. I played the final quest of trials of fortitude where you can only use red, green and blue heroes. Unfortunately my option for a team left me with Melandor, not fully ascended, Hawkmoon, fully ascended, Boril, not fully ascended, Agwe, which I got last week and is 2nd chevron, level 7 and lastly Minesseus who I got recently level 11 first tier. I’m saying this so you’ll understand my frustration.
I get to the end and take out Boril, the other guy and that just leaves Vivica. At this point my small little hitters are gone and left with Boril and my healers. Have you ever tried to kill a healer with healers and tiles which do no damage? I kid you not, I played for 40 mins or about going in circles. I deliberately killed my team, used gems to get my hitters back and tried again. Between all the purple and yellow gems I got repeatedly, she healed I healed, and around and around we go. My hitters weren’t strong and were taken out, so I tried just damaging with Boril’s Reflection. I tried to miss and fill up my mana, but one line at a time in the game gets you no where.


How are you suppose to win when the game is rigged to fail? I had to wait long enough to play level 20 as it is to get this as my reward.

I want my gems back!

You don’t have to play any level, its your choice. There is a recomended tp for playing each level and if you dont have a team that meets that then you may have an uphill battle or you may have to go item heavy to compensate. Nothing is rigged here you just tried to play a big boy level with a team of preschoolers