👑 [Sep 2019] New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Just finished the rare quest and didnt encounter any chest for coins…


Congrats! My friend realllly wants Guin - perhaps his hope can be restored with FREE coins :thinking:.

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I agree Chao holds promise but you’d need mana pots to guarantee use of his mana cut when you need it. Tibs with def down yes, I don’t have skittles as I tend to eat slow mana :thinking:

I went with fast attackers, but carpet bombing as zephyr1 suggested is a good option.

I wonder kirill (attack/def boost) , Tibs, BT (attack boost) , skittles & Caedmon / Chao? Doubling up on colours gives your tiles more power, so not sure on the damage a rainbow defense would do - what level are your 3*troop? More knowledgeable players than I will provide a more confident suggestion.

All specials ready to fire at the beginning of the Boss stage is essential. Good luck :wink:

I’ve been looking everywhere in the forums for this particular topic. Do you have any advice on what heroes and battle items you used. I’ve tried 3 times now to no avail. Thank you for any help you can give an extremely frustrated loser.

Here it is:

Old thread (sill valuable even with little bit different mobs/boss):


Which stage are you attempting? Legendary?

The description of event coins says these can be used at the Atlantis portal. Is that true or did devs forget to change the coins’ description? :thinking:

It doesn’t in English, must be an oversight in the translated versions.


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My emblemed heroes are getting a good spanking, good challenge I guess

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I finished Stage 15 Epic with:

Caedmon +7
Little John 3/60
Rigard +5
Proteus +5
Boldtusk +7

Team Power is around 3,300 to 3,400 something.

The only hard stages are the one with Lady of the Lake and Guinevere (as usual).

I literally spent all my slot with Mana Potions just to keep Proteus always ready and powered up. All this just to block them from executing their special.

Little John in the first wave though… didn’t live long enough to see the final battle. That dude at 3/60 literally died in just three hits from the monsters in Wave 1. But I don’t have any other hitter to bring.


@Rapisu I am stuck on that last level. I don’t have the extra battle items to go through… Sad but it seems the end for me not being able to finish.

OK. My epic team is 3300 BR
Kiril + 4, Melendor + 4, Boldtusk + 6, Li Xiu 3/60, Chao +3 so still stopped on 12th

My legenderay team is
Seshat 2\60, Melendor^, ^Boldtusk, Kiril^ and ^Chao stopped on level 7th … hehehehe

Still have NOT seen any coin, still think the event high requirements are ridiculous especially for players with short player bench/rooster.

But TY very much @ Kusanagi87 for the nfo.

As soon as I knew there was a Lady of the Lake hero, really wanted to get her! I’m very much a solo collector player type, yet to dive into wars/titans…

I had kept aside gems for a 10-pull for this. Only Avalon hero already had was Merlin… said to myself I bet I’ll get another Merlin and 9 other 3*/4* duplicates… welp…


Praise be to RNGesus! After Lady, I didn’t care what came next, wasn’t even disappointed missing Grazul heh

Oh and as others have mentioned, that Black Knight “just a flesh wound” comment made me lol when I saw it during event, looking forward to putting him to use someday!


Finished all stages everywhere. Got 1 coin total (not counting rewards for finishing).
Then I replayed stage 1 for 1WE a few times to fill my monster chest and got another coin from it. Only 3 more until i can summon another 3*


I think Time Stops or heroes like Proteus/Hel/Hansel/Gretel/Peters/Merlin are pretty much a requirement. Can you make a few time stops in the forge? It’s worth finishing just for the 100 emblems.
If you don’t have Tornados or Dragon attacks you could replace them with mana pots and fire bombs.

My only other idea is to bring your best snipers, have then full mana before the boss fight and try to kill LotL before she can heal.

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That is insane fortune, happy for you :slight_smile:

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Finally I’ve found a team on my alt…no, a bulldozer: Melia, Hisan, Bane, Brienne, Gan Ju - a little bit of mana control, no healer, but brute force :smiley:


I really don’t think I can complete the last level of epic.

I can barely make a dent before they heal or my mana gets cut.

The only mana heroes I have are Chao, Gretel and Little John and even when any of them get to full mana those stupid swords just bops it away

So frustrating to get to the end and not be able to complete it

I hear that! I had the same issue on Rare bosses, died 3 times (twice and a flee actually) before moving on to epic. Came to the forums for a sanity check and compared my heroes against what others were using.
After swapping heroes I came back to knock out rare and collect rewards.
Do you have any others you can use, who else is on the team besides LJ, Gretel and Chao. I personally went through epic with Proteus, Mel, Rigard, Hansel and Wu. I only needed a few sips of health at the beginning mobs before my healers kicked in for the rest of the battles.

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I do have Melendor, Rigard and Wu but not sure how much they would help me tbh mate. My first run I used Rigard and failed, my second I tried Sabina with the same result.

My last team was Boldtusk, Gretel, Little John, Gaderius and Sabina.

Before that I had BT, Gretel, Chao, Gaderius and Rigard.

May swap out Gaderius next time. The other options are Grimm, Falcon, Colen, Wu, Kiril, Wilbur or Gormek

I literally couldn’t get either of the women down more than a third of health on my last two tries!

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