👑 [Sep 2019] New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Depends of the heroes you have and bring. When I will go home, first I"ll start legendary. I will take some screenshots with the time I defeat the bosses. At legendary challenges I never let a boss to fire :slight_smile:


I had to share this bad luck with everyone. This is comical. But it’s what can happen. I’m not upset about it but I wanted to point this out as a possible outcome. Hope everyone has better luck than what I just experienced.


Again, bad luck. I sincerely hope it’s better for everyone else. All I can do is laugh


Last rare boss battle without items.


I’m lacking any of the mana control heroes. Best I can do is mana cut with Leonidas. I guess it’s possible if you have heroes that can replace time stop, but you still need mana pots or tornados for them

haha nope, quite similar for me lol

Attention XP hunters!

For a long time the third level of the “Get Experience” common quest was the highest XP/WE ratio in the game with 831,23 XP/WE.
Not any more!
The second level of Knights of Avalon Rare difficulty has 862 XP/WE and the third (prepare to grind like hell) has got an overwhelming 975 XP/WE.
See you there…

*Since it is one energy, prepare your power banks! (Thanks god for autoplay!)

After 50 measured autoplay stages the average time is 1:24,0 min. I am able to play the stage approx. 60 times for one full WE (my current is max. is 53WE).
0:56,2 min is the fastest time while 2:14,3 min is the slowest.


As a fairly new player with a single 5, two 4s and three 3s I’m struggling to get past the lady in rare on tier 7 lol

Cannot get her below half. Thought it looked fun but I guess if I’m still playing in 6 months I might be able to get further in rare lmao

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Came here to see if anyone else thought that too. I was thinking that same thing just from the first couple Stages… I don’t remember the early Stage monsters hitting that hard or having that many HP.

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Are there going to be any more specials to purchase during this challenge event. The big multi tier one.of 100, 20s and 5s would be nice.

Wait… the Challenge Event Family Bonuses are only active during their respective Challenge?!?

I.e. only Avalon Heroes currently show the bonus, but not the Guardians, Wonderland, etc…

That is majorly disappointing for what I was hoping would be a cool new feature.

No, they’re launching as each Challenge Event releases.

Where did you see that they would go away after the event?

Didn’t see that (that they’d go away) anywhere.

But that seemed the logical assumption since none of the other Family Bonuses were active.

Why would they wait to release the other Family Bonuses…?

Where did you see that they’d be permanent?

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Well for one thing, the other Challenge Events haven’t finished Beta testing.

The Family Bonuses are also part of the Challenge Event revamp, so I think it’s logical that they’d release them with each Event.

That’s how they worked in Beta.


4 summons, four 3* trash. Not spending any more. Odds are crap.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Completed Rare Tier of Knights of Avalon Challenge Event, but didn’t receive Completion Rewards

A post was merged into an existing topic: Completed Rare Tier of Knights of Avalon Challenge Event, but didn’t receive Completion Rewards

Been hoping there was a level like this with the new energy levels. Trying to get to 36 world energy asap


I finished quickly the legendary challenge. It took me half hour to play every mission once. No rerun yet, I have time. It can be easily seen in the screenshot that are some missions with lower score than previous one and must be redone. I got 2 coins in this first run.

My first impressions as a monthly challenger, this challenge is even easier than old configuration. The new heroes are not so tough at all; I destroyed them quickly. Most struggle still with Arthur I had, as everytime, then Guin. LotL died most rapidly everytime. No boss fired while I played and still don’t know how are their specials. I guess I’ll play just for fun few missions at rare :slight_smile:

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