👑 [Sep 2019] New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

depends on the stage, especially for later stages in epic/legendary, I find that it’s much better to use items on mobs, and tile damage is super important on bosses.

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If I do 50 pulls what are the odds of receiving a 5* event hero?

So out of 100 pulls it is a 1% chance?

Have a look on this: How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis

I don’t remember if 5* event hero odds are 1%, but assuming that’s it:

As you can see your best option is to pray to the RNG god :smiley:

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Haven’t heard yellow mooted. I’m thinking a green and yellow combination except the red heavy levels 9, 11 and 14. Not sure what to do about those but I’m still leaning towards yellow for mana control.

You’ll have a 39.5% chance at an event 5* (at 1% per pull).

48% chance at the HOTM (1.3%/pull).

You also have a chance at S1 five bangers, but I didn’t include them in my calculator and I’m not sure what their chances are.

@Aabbott21 & @RandAlThor

This is a good thread I did semi-recently on chasing after a specific hero…

I did it on going after G. Panther.

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To get on subject I was chasing Guin, don’t really know how much money did I spend (a lot) but pulled 6 King Arthur’s. Never again. Second time got 2 Guineviere on 100 pull.

First pulling was more then 250-350 pulls.

My 6th King is maxed. :blush:


Looking forward to try this team. Need to lv 2nd Guin and maxed Morgan.


It’s flashy as hell, but I think it’s too soft on damage. With the right specials it could be countered without too much threat. Swap a Guin for Ursena and now you’re throwing some heat. Swap Arthur for Finley or Kingston or Seshat and then you’re really talking.


Thank you for this! I have been saving up my gems and pulls since December foregoing other summons for Avalon. I know 50 pulls isn’t much to chase a singular hero, but the event itself has really caught my eye and any 5* from the event would make me very happy.

I hope for BK, but the thrill of Avalon makes me happy too :slight_smile:

I’m sort of in the same boat… might pull 30, but stop with any 5* pull, included the HOTM.

Avalon 5ers are so fun :smiley: a great crop of heroes.

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One of the best events for 5* for sure, especially for tanks! I was planning to skip summoning in February all together, but may be tempted to do a 10 pull just to have a go at it. Plus JF seems ok.

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Can’t wait for the next Avalon. I have a better team this team, which is Wilbur + Boldtusk both maxed.

I hope to get Bauchan with my challenge coins this time around. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m wondering what my 3* year should be? If I should go mono or 3/2 with some dark heroes. I am leveling them up now, will be done with Hisan soon and wonder who should be next? I am thinking maybe hisan, C Brienne, regular brienne, shrubbear. Not sure if Belith should be the fifth one or one of the other greens or if I should do 3/2 and what dark heroes should I use?

Thanks for the help! Hoping I can level these heroes in time, luckily Atlantis came beforehand so I have lots of feeders being made

what’s your goal? can’t give suggestions until you have a clear goal in mind.

Top 10,000 or even 1000. I always pass the events but usually just barely, I always mostly focused 5* but now i put effort into level 4* and 3*.

I know about using mana pots and the other weapons to help take out the bosses faster, just need to know the heroes that are best to get the highest score

this one isn’t as easy as the last one, ideally you would want a couple of teams (mono-green, mono-yellow, mono-red). Since you don’t have time to max all of those probably, my suggestion is work on mono-green first, and then mono-red if you have time, since you can’t do mono-yellow.

So I think level up brienne to 3/1, and then level BrienneC to 3/50. Next, you want, Hisan, Mnesseus, Berden, in that order. Your final green team is probably BrienneC, Hisan, Mnesseus, Berden, Belith.

Next, you can do HawkmoonC (because you might want to try switching hawkmoonC with belith for some stages), then Rudolph, Namahage, Namagahe.

With your mono-red team if you finish it, you can sometimes replace bauchan with BrienneC to see if you can get a better result.

But honestly, I think the most important thing is figuring out when to use items and which combos to make, rather than particular heroes. At least if you just want top 1000.

I hope Guine decides to join my team this time

Is Merlin worth using challenge coins for? I’ve decided that I don’t care about Guin since I have Gazelle. So if I got Guin it’d just be for defense, which isn’t a very fun use for a hero. I’ve already got Lance, BK, LotL, Morgan, and Arthur.

So I’m curious if anyone sees Merlin as that good or if I should just save my tokens for the Pirate event where I only have 2 of the 5* pirates. :thinking:. I do have 4 of Proteus, when it comes to 4* purple average speed mana control

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