👑 [Sep 2019] New Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

The Rewards have effectively been increased across the board. Can you say more about what you’re unhappy about vs. past Challenge Events?


Absolutely in the past you would get a 4 star ascenion item for completing legendary. Now to get one you have to reach top 100


That is not the case. I’ve been doing completion of all tiers since about March, and you have not gotten a 4-star ascension item for legendary completion in at least that long. I would have been keenly aware if you did, because at least one of them would have been the darts I’m starving for.


What? Perhaps in an alternate reality you got 4* AM :joy:

Wow, this forum is rude. I guess playing since july 2017 means nothing for experience. Perhaps i am incorrect. I will be sure to keep my thoughts to myself in the future.

That would be a good reason to dislike the Rewards — but there’s never been a 4* Ascension Mat in Completion Rewards.

Here are the past Rewards for other Challenge Events:


Okay, I’m having one heckuva time finishing the last level in Epic. My team is Rigard-Tib-BT-Skittles-Caedemon. All maxed and emblemed. My other maxxed 4s are Boril, Grimm, Kiril, Chao, and Sonya. I just have no way to keep up with their mana control and healing. Anyone got tips for me?

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Chao could be useful for mana control.

There’s also always nuking/carpeting bombing with Arrows, Axes, and Bomb Attacks.

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That’s no true, I did a pull last month and I didn’t get the bonus hero

You don’t always get a HOTM, the question was whether HOTM always appear at the end of Summons.

If you get any Bonus Draws, they show at the end.

But obviously normally you don’t get a Bonus Draw, since it’s only a 1.3% chance per Summons.


Same here but worse. I know it’s a gamble but sheesh. I got 8 Bauchans, Kad, and Sartana. That’s it for non-feeders. Well, I fed 5 Bauchans, too.

Only Avalon hero I don’t have now is Black Knight.

Glad to see Grazul joining my bench, too. Very happy. :slight_smile:


Pulling out the receipts!!! I love it!


I did three 10x pulls on both profiles. Only got 3 stars and some duplicate 4 stars. I was happy to get Merlin on both since he’s new for me and I’m really weak in purples on one profile. Mind you, I didn’t need 3, thank you very much.

I know I should be disappointed but I’m fine with it. I have a full roster already, I’m just looking for better heroes.

I tell myself that I’ve already got the main meal… I’m just looking for some fancy desserts :grinning:



Just finished the rare quest and didnt encounter any chest for coins…


Congrats! My friend realllly wants Guin - perhaps his hope can be restored with FREE coins :thinking:.

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I agree Chao holds promise but you’d need mana pots to guarantee use of his mana cut when you need it. Tibs with def down yes, I don’t have skittles as I tend to eat slow mana :thinking:

I went with fast attackers, but carpet bombing as zephyr1 suggested is a good option.

I wonder kirill (attack/def boost) , Tibs, BT (attack boost) , skittles & Caedmon / Chao? Doubling up on colours gives your tiles more power, so not sure on the damage a rainbow defense would do - what level are your 3*troop? More knowledgeable players than I will provide a more confident suggestion.

All specials ready to fire at the beginning of the Boss stage is essential. Good luck :wink:

I’ve been looking everywhere in the forums for this particular topic. Do you have any advice on what heroes and battle items you used. I’ve tried 3 times now to no avail. Thank you for any help you can give an extremely frustrated loser.

Here it is:

Old thread (sill valuable even with little bit different mobs/boss):