🔵 [Sep 15, 2019] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

@notyou87 If you have sufficient items you can go into stage 2 well below the required power.


My Team Last Time: Guardian Falcon+20, Frida 4/80, Leonidas+5, Sonya 4/70, Wilbur 4/70
My Team This Time: Guardian Falcon+20, Frida 4/80, Leonidas+5, Sonya 4/70, Wilbur 4/70

-I do not have any healers that qualify for this trial, outside of Friar Tuck who I did not bring. I didn’t find the trial much harder without a healer. It would have been nice to have one, but I made do. The elemental defense debuffers helped to magnify damage.
-Yes, I have Wilbur. Yes, I brought him. He helped overcome the lack of healer options.
-I have Wu Kong but I did not bring him.
-I have Cyprian, he is actually my current purple project(sitting at 4/61 currently). I did not bring him.

-My team did not change notably since last time.
-No changes to my team, so N/A.
-I used some axe attacks and antidotes. Couple of small heals.
-Not doing anything with the emblems at the moment. I burned all my iron making battle items for the challenge event. I’m not sure where my Paladin items will be going now that I’m done with Falcon. For Monk emblems, I’m definitely not putting any more on Leonidas. Not when I have Drake Fong going to max level. Still, I might end up using the emblems on Wilbur for more utility. Still undecided.
-Drake Fong ate the trainer hero.
-Nothing else really interesting. Did the first two stages early, then ran a few more challenge event stages to try and hold my position. Just did the third stage.


Friar Tuck + 2 type of healing potions.

No Wilbur yet again…

Yes… he died midway into boss battle but the effect was enough.

Yes, but only 3/60.

Very much :grin:

Old Team:

New Team:

Very easy because of it… no need for carpet bombing anymore.

13 Minor Healing Potions
3 Potent Healing Potions
2 Bomb Attacks

Saving them for now…



I have no bombs or anything else that could help. I am upgrading my Forge now so I can make stuff (currently upgrading to Level 13). Still need to save 443k to research the bombs though. Been prioritizing the heroes over that though so I am unable to save 443k, for now


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Trials of Justice is always challenging because of the lack of healers, and some intense Bosses.

It remains one of, if not the only, Trials where I need substantial items, and still bomb my way through a bit.

Shiny New Emblems

Li Xiu and Sonya each stepped up once.

I’ll Join One Day

Joon ate the Trainer Hero, and will probably join this team by next time around.


I managed to do Stage 1 + Stage 2, and weirdly Stage 2 was very very easy with no items used.
I can’t remember who I used now because it won’t let me look (I am unable to select Stage 3 as it says I need to be Level 30, I am 29 and I can’t select the 2 Stages I cleared).

I was surprised how easy I did it because I don’t think I had the best of people.

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Sometimes, you can get some great synergy that surprises you, or sometimes, you just get a really good board. I have finished stage 3 of a few trials with two out of my five heroes being 3-stars, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. In particular, Trials of Nature was far easier than I anticipated with a team that included Melia and Brienne, who really let your whole team punch way above its weight. I’ve since switched out Brienne for Ranvir 2^60, which boosted the team’s attack even more, and made my last pass through on that trial a breeze.

The WE costs for trying a particular team can be steep, especially on Stage 3, but I find it helpful to come here and ask how a team might fare just to get some analysis before burning the flags. FWIW, I still use Gunnar, Berden, and Melia on various trials, and I am to the point of completing all of them now (albeit with varying degrees of item usage).


I used them together for the challenge event on rare 3-2 yellow and green, that was a bulldozer. Unexpected (Melia wasn’t maxed at all, so I don’t have much experience with her), but very welcome.

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I recently realised how amazing Melia + Kailani are. I had Kailani on my bench and never used her. I had leveled her to almost max but purely because when I had her, i had no other 3* to level, so just fed her for the sake of it (I had bane maxed so didn’t need her - another yellow).

But my god, I was an idiot haha. Loving those 2 now!