🏅 [Sep 15, 2019] 22nd Raid Tournament! — 4* Bloody Battle, No Dark/Purple

Nice! Thanks a lot! Appreciate this big time!

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I This was probably my best tournament yet. Easily stayed in top 1% most of the tourney w/o needing gems to continue and B grade defense. This last part is crucial, as my defense has been hammered in prior tournaments. I took seriously last week’s discussion about relying too much on the color on defense and too little on team power/skill. Since my only emblemmed yellow was guardian jackal, I went w/ jackal, Grimm, Wilbur, Hansel, Triton. All have a good number of emblems. And I did much better on defense this time. So lesson learned and implemented: as @zephyr1 said, just b/c purple was excluded isn’t going to turn your bad yellow heroes into good ones (mine weren’t bad, so much as naked lol) .

Edited to add: with the exception of a compass, the loot was worse than my top 5% in last week’s tournament, though


Top 50%, one epic troop token not bad :ok_hand:



Well, pretty much.

I got Top 1%, with a pretty solid Rank too, but I got the minimum number of Emblems yet again.




At least I got an EHT too.

The Compass and Reset Emblem should in theory be exciting, but they’re my 14th and 6th, respectively, so they’re most likely to just sit in my Inventory for a long time.


So squeaked by barely in top 1%, overall rank was in the 16k.
The 75 gems were very well spent. Filled 5 additional heroes chests and my rewards much better than last week.

Orb plus



Attack: 25 wins 0 losses
Defense: Grades A A A A A

Unreal tournament for me!

Loot was meeehhh, but I’m so happy that I don’t care


Not so great performance as in the previous 4* tournament, but overall happy with the result and rewards:



Defense grades:

  1. day: 0/1 E,
  2. day: 5/3 B,
  3. day: 0/0 B,
  4. day: 0/0 B,
  5. day: 0/0 B.

Dumb matchmaking :man_facepalming:


Top 1%
Rank 10k sth
Def B



Guys just a quick question.
When you pay the 75 gems how does it work?
You get up to 4 new losses in the tournament? And of course the 5 flags per day right?

Correct, it effectively resets your loss strikes.

You’ll still have lost those 4 matches and missed out on the points, but then you can continue playing in the Tournament as usual, unless you lose 4 times again.

I’ve never personally paid gems to continue in a Raid Tournament, and don’t plan to ever, but I know it’s a popular option with plenty of people.

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Great to know thanks!
I guess I could have done that, I lost early but had an A defense every day, so I could probably have gone in top 1% by doing it.
Maybe next time I will try.

You can never have too many reset emblems. Of course, not everyone is as indecisive as I am or second guesses their decisions as much… I have been thinking recently of completely changing my defense team. All 5 heroes. I’d need 5 resets… They are so rare, hoarding them is a good strategy. The reset emblem is the main reason I go for top 1%. Best loot that is reasonably possible to get, in my opinion.


The only time I’ve used them is in Beta testing, and I have no plans to ever use them in the live game.

So I can probably have too many Reset Emblems, but I understand why some people like them.

Would you like a shiny new Margaret for your reset emblem? :innocent:

Never? I have an emblemed Obakan. If I pulled Gravemaker, I can’t imagine any player telling me to leave the emblems on Obakan :wink:

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I’m not putting Emblems on 5*, which makes it considerably easier not to regret the decisions.

I didn’t really like Margaret much in Beta, but I’m a lot more likely to make use of her one day than a 6th Reset Emblem.


Sort of on topic; do you use an emblemed Wilbur for 4* tournaments. I have two emblemed 4*'s; Jackal and Falcon. I’m contemplating Grimm(he dies too ■■■■ easily right now…) and Wilbur for emblems. I have run into plenty of emblemed 4* teams in these tournaments, do you see a huge advantage when you are able to make use of your emblemed 4*s?

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Yes, I used my +18 Wilbur on Offense a fair amount this Tournament, actually.

My green 4* for Bloody Battle are a bit of a weak point for me. I ended up finding I was a bit better off skewing toward my Emblemed 4* instead of my unemblemed green 4*, even when stacking green was logical. My Emblemed green 4* are Melendor, Gadeirus, and Little John — Little John saw action several times this Tournament, but Melendor and Gadeirus didn’t, which meant my +0 Caedmon and not-even-maxed Hansel were coming along a lot, until I started shifting my approach more.

I have a +18 Grimm too, built full attack. He saw a lot of action this Tournament too. He also beats out Magni to be in my standard blue 3 stack, and sees every War.


Now is over and this one but the rewards are so poor… even for 5% top… it not worth…

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If you expect this you are one lucky son of a gun! :smiley:

Let me say that you get the reset on the losses, so you can have 4 more strikes, but you don’t get resetted the flags you already used that day. On the next day you’ll get 5 flags as usual.

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