Senan Spectre Fiend

Card says “The Spectre Fiend absorbs healing and disappears when it has absorbed health equal to 30% of its target’s max health”.
I’ve been playing S4 Crystal Rocks stages to get my 10 Gems, truly The most valuable resource. :slight_smile: Specifically, I played 15-6 this time.

Mob wave 1 and 2 has enemies with 1417 HP. When I fired Senan, the Spectre Fiends had 425HP. The math checks out - 1417 x .3 = 425.1, rounding to 425.
Boss wave 3 has two enemies with 1436 HP and the Boss with 3771 HP. Math gets a little funny here:

Enemies → 1436 x .3 = 430.8, HP of the Spectre Fiend was 430. I’ll forgive the round-down mentality and loss of one HP.
Boss → 3771 x .3 = 1131.3, HP of the Spectre Fiend was 1000.

Seems like we’re short 131HP on the Boss’ Spectre Fiend.
I have screenshots if needed.


Screenshot will be helpful for sure, also can you try this on Dark Lord/Ursena and another high health boss?
My gues is that fiends have limit for max “health” but I can’t check it myself.

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Certainly seems like a limit, but not advertised on the card, so not expected.
Attachments here.

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Yep, Dark Lord too:

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Wow we got ripped off on fiend health, so unexpected.

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That’s an interesting find. But tbh, who cares tho. Realistically this will never mean anything in PvP b/c no hero has anywhere near 3333 base HP. So fiends will never approach 1000 in PvP.


True, and the non-PVP bosses that heal, generally don’t heal for more than a few hundred health at a time, so even these “nerfed” 1000 HP fiends will soak up multiple specials’ worth of healing.

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A larger HP Fiend would be possible and quite useful in the Ninja Tower, Events, and certainly in Hard Mode levels (maybe some Normal Mode? - I haven’t checked all levels) of S3/S4 where there are healer or heal stealer enemy bosses or the Realm Specials that heal enemies on a kill.

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