**SEMPER FI** looking for 2-3

Hello! We are Semper Fi! We are an active, global alliance that feels like a family. We are looking for a few good men and women to join our ranks. Above all, what we value is TRUST, RESPECT, and COMMUNICATION.

We are looking to have fun and help each other grow in the game

We are currently taking down 7* titans easily, 8* titans occasionally. We are looking to get to a point where we can take 8* consistently and start working our way up.


  • Level: ~20 or higher
  • Cups: ~1000+ or…
  • Team Power: 2500+
  • War: Should you choose to partake in Alliance Wars, you should be ready to fight in wars with 30 heroes (even if they are 30 bad ones). We expect you to use all flags if you are in War
  • Titan: We expect that each player will do their best to hit the titan at least once before it dies
  • Activity: We expect that you will be active and to communicate in those times when life gets in the way of the game. Just be forthcoming!

Looking to hear from YOU


We are still looking for a final good man/woman!

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