Semi transparent heros (not fighters reviving)

After updating to the newest version 19
I have noticed some heros become semi transparent.

It looks like your screenshots show Viv and Zeline pretending to be ghosts. Do you know if either of them have talents applied. I’m guessing it’s connected somehow. Would be good info to post with your observation.

Ive had this afew times, bt once iv done enough too kill the hero, its became a jk,

vivica and zeline are not fighter emblems (revive) :wink:

They had no talent upgrades.

Wasn’t inferring they were fighters, just said it may be connected. That’s how reviving heroes look with the new emblems, so the logic says it may be connected to the emblems.

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4/5 of the team had emblems, Lianna too


Magni has a level 1 revive ability. Lianna also has some effect against her. Does anyone know what the effect is against Lianna?

Otherwise, it could be a crossover from Magnis’ revive talent. Just thinking out loud :grin:

Edited for incomplete thoughts :grin:

I just raided someone and i saw that vivica her head and feet looked like a ghostScreenshot_20190208-164832_Empires

@Ragan You seem to not be the only person who’s observed this:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)

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Yeah saw it after posting topic

Merged. :heart_decoration:

I saw this today when raiding. Enemy Vivica was semi-transparent (like ghost) from the beginning of the fight (so no skill/talent was in work). The bug seemed purely visual. The tiles hit her normally.

(version 19.1.0)

Bug still not solved

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Why are Viv & Boril in ghost form?

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Still an issue in v20


Looks like a censorship :rofl: but then why on the screenshot above they transparentized her head and feet, leaving the rest visible? :rofl: Bug? :rofl:

Yeh but they will add a gem feature to fix it. Clearly they dont care enough to fix it otherwise.

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