Semi full healing team

So what if I made a team of elkanen, glenda,anzough, zulag and musashi all (except glenda) have a form of healing thoughts?

Is it for attack or defense?

Mainly a theoretical for funsy idea but if I were to say probably looks to be more of an attack team over a defense team thoughts

I won’t use rainbow for attack…

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It would probably be effective on the last level of Atlantis… Just keep yourself alive and tile Ursena to death.

My first reaction is that includes 3 below average effectiveness heroes and two who are ok. Doesn’t look too convincing to me. And agree, rainbow attack teams are not my favourite either

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At least with most of them being attacker, it would be faster than how I beat Ursena Hard using 5 healers (4× 4* + 1× 5* 3/70) in 70 minutes…

I wonder if someone have tried using Pentanen (mono Elkanen)… :sweat_smile:

But mono Tyr seems better…

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