Selling unneeded or duplicate heroes back to the game / shop [MASTER]

Hero’s that are no longer needed or wanted we should be able to sell them back to the game for a portion of the diamonds back

Or sell/trade them within our respective alliances.


Some people pay much money to get 5* heroes and just got no luck.
I know people that paid like 300 euros so far and don’t even got one 5* hero, but a few 4* heroes for many times.

it would be fair to add a way to sell 4 and 5* heroes back to the shop for maybe 100 and 200 diamonds.

Greetings, Rowdy

I say maybe trade a number of x* heroes for a x* trainer that would be aprox the same xp amount but with lesser food spent overall

Maybe… But its still unfair for players who spent much money and get no 5* heroes.
If they get some of their gems back, they can try to get 5* heroes again

spending money on random is a matter of choice.

i think that trading 20 2* heroes for a 1 2* trainer with several combinations that will be favorable for SG per long term game and applicable by the devs is a fair feature to be developed in the near/distant future.

it is not about money spent or other aspects of the game, but the low * farmed/trained heroes
and just a way to choose when to level better heroes, with what and space organization etc…

again, just a thought. :slight_smile:

You are out of meat, are you? :rofl:

Had an idea which I thought I’d throw into the mix here see what you all think.
Obvisously it may be improved on but technically it’s a very simple idea.

We all hate duplicate hero and they just take up space sitting there doing nothing. SO

When you get a duplicate hero during summons you can sell it back to SG for half price in gems. So an lendgendry summons would return you 150 gems.

  1. You have only 24hrs from summoning to allow this action and it can’t have started to be leveled.
  2. It must be a duplicate so that it couldn’t done just any hero.

SG wouldn’t lose from it because gems are already provided in the game for free but it would also mean they gain as those gems would most certainly go back into a new summons at the normal cost.

A simple honest and unmanipulatable option as it could only be done with heros you received in the proceeding 24hrs of having summoning it.

Just a thought. What do you think

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Thanks @zephyr1 didn’t find this one in my search.


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Slight change to this idea of selling back as rare and epic are more common that the return rate could also be slightly different say something like,
Rare heros = 50 gems
Epic heros = 100 gems
Ledgendary heros = 150 gems

Again just a thought.

Wouldn’t mind being able to link accounts ( my gf plays too) and pay a transfer fee (x gems) to give her duplicates.

Can only work on duplicates and cost enough that it’s not abused … but one of us getting multiple hotm, while the other gets none makes it hard to stay in parity … the gems are purchased from a joint account anyway :slight_smile:

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