Selling troops and heroes: 🤔

 I would like to make a suggestion that I’m sure few people will disagree with. We should be able to sell all of our unwanted Heroes, Troops, Battle Items, and Crafting Materials. I understand that you can always get rid of Troops by leveling up other Troops, but you can’t do anything with all the other extra stuff that you no longer need or use. I would suggest that if you sell something back, that you would only receive half of what it had cost to craft it or acquire it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and **_strong text_**I hope you guys continue making adjustments to better the game.

No need to make new post about the same thing.

Welcome to the E&P forum. Considering how you are new, please note that this forum has been there and active for many months now and hence most of the basic things like what you have proposed are already suggested and spread across many existing threads. So please take time to search the forum and check if a topic already exists and then if it does you can share your thoughts also over there and learn from what has been already said. It could be as simple as searching for the word MARKET or so. :slight_smile:

Having said that here are some of the threads which discusses similar stuff

Also you can check this thread for what SG is working currently on and next priorities are

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You should take away the 3 stars when summoning a epic and elemental summon it’s not right you spend 300 gems to get a 3 star out the epic and elemental if I want a 3 star I’ll wait for a daily summon.

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