Selling heroes and troops:

 I believe that we should be able to sell all of our unwanted Heroes, Troops, Battle Items, and Crafting Materials. Certainly you wouldn’t get much back for  selling them. I would suggest half price of what it cost to get or craft. I realize that you can use your unwanted Heroes to level up another Heroe. But as of now you can’t get rid of unwanted Troops, Battle Items, or Crafting materials. I would like to see these changes on the next update. Thank you for reading and hopefully we can keep the game fun.

Rather than selling low level troops it would be nice to use them to level up the better ones. Now they just sit them collecting dust. Just the wish of an old lady but it would be cool to have.

They do exactly that. Once youe atronghold is level 10, you can convert a level 5 buildimg to barracks and level your teoops