Sell me a tonic in any offer less than 49 dollars

I’ll take two! Getting desperate here :slight_smile:

Maybe the Springvale offers will have something like Halloween and Christmas did, with one Tonic and 1000 gems for $10. :thinking:

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Tonics are my unicorn items

Only $9.99 each

Sold!! (I wish that were possible)

I wish too, I got no green 5* to use those tonics on

I’m not a big spender in this game but there have been months where I’ve spent too much for me ($100+). I regularly spend on all the cheaper deals which can really add up over time. And yet, after playing this game for almost 2 years, I have been able to level one green hero and I have one tonic. There are never any sales that sell tonics. About 8 months ago I felt lucky when I got Tarlak But now after waiting and waiting and waiting and not seeing one tonic outside of Shrikewood, I’m starting to think this game is a waste of my time. I guess I’m unlucky but not everything in this game should be based on luck.
And before you ask I do every event, competition and I score A/ A+ on titans (10*). I make sure to Fill two monster chests a day. I do everything.
I know I’ve been unlucky but it makes me feel cursed.
I’m going to give it three more months and I’m not spending another dime until I see a tonic and if I don’t I’m out