Sell extra stuff


I am not sure if the has been suggested yet, But I would really like to sell some of my extra stuff that I am not using right now. For example loot items, ascension items. I’m sure this makes sense. I am pretty early in the game and am really enjoying it. I would like to sell low level stuff for iron, food or even a time reduction card for stuff I’m building. Any thoughts on this?


I love this idea. There are items, I have hundreds of them and use in a month maybe 6. I would like to sell them.
Maybe every 100 for a Coin…


If you want to sell ascension items, you need your head examined. It takes months to gather enough ascension items to level up particular heroes…why would you sell it off?!

As for selling loot/ingredients, I found over time that when I upgraded my forges, I suddenly could use that stuff to make things.

I wouldn’t be too speedy to sell off your inventory. :wink:


I’d love to sell warm capes for trap tools hudden blades or mystic rings. Sitting on 8 capes with no use. By the time i get another 4 or 5* blue hero ill probably have 12 or more capes. Meanwhile im waiting on other ascension items to progress


I’d give you mistic rings, i need 2 warm cape…
I 'd love a market only for players…
Sorry for my einglish.


Where did you get the 8 warm capes?? I need 3 more. What’s the best place to find them?

Hopefully someone knows where…