Self healing titan

I was just thinking, maybe come out with a titan for alliances to hit that heals itself every hour. Ranging from 5k health for the small alliances up to 150k health a hour for the larger alliances. This could offset the long wait time for titan hits, 4 hours is a long time for a titan hit. I understand it needs to be challenging to beat, but unless you have flasks youre stuck waiting on hits. Just a thought.

I dont understand why you would want this?
This does not address the ‘problem’ for having to wait 4 hours before your energy is filled again and you are able to hit.
The only thing this will do is make titan fights harder and longer.
Or am I missing something in your proposal?


I am with Harry. Titans are hard to kill anyway why make it even more harder?


I could see it being interesting for top alliances that are killing consecutive 12* with no hassle and squatting on 20 to 100 flasks per member

But outside of that, yea it would do more harm than good

Alliances outside the top 100 already struggle with rares, this would be another obstacle to hold them back


Good point @Rigs this way SG don’t have to create new >12* titans but just start let old ones heal…

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Well they’re testing 13/14* anyways

But i was just thinkin if i was a player with 40 to 100 alliance flasks and they’re rarely/if ever needed, then a challenge once in awhile that takes some coordination amongst a team as far as “titan’s goin to heal in 8 hours, anyone goin to be on to flask away the gained HP?” Would be a fun activity

Not that it matters, it wont happen. And I’m not in those alliances so i wouldnt know if that would be ebjoyable or not.

Just random contributed thought to the conversation

In general, healing titans = bad news

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Don’t think that there are so many alliances that are bored by 12* titans and got so many flasks :scream: But we have to think about future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Since the titan would be self healing, instead of the 4 hr wait it would be cut in half to a 2 hr wait. You would have a total of 12 attacks instead of the 6

Thanks but NO THANKS.

Titans are rude enough for little ally :smiley:

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But would this not neutral the sense of a self healing titan?

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