Selection of an opponent, as it happens?

tell me !!! How do they choose a rival for the war of alliances?

Titan score now

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we dont know if its the titan score, the belief is that cups are tied to it, so probably the alliance score which is titan score + cup score.

My alts alliance outscored other by 20k, but titan within 1


It was alliance score. They changed it. Reference is screenshots above

certainly does seem to be the case. just checked my upcoming AW and alliance scores are nowhere near the same, titan scores are 14 points apart.


I just checked our next AW target:

Titan scores, 4K apart
Alliance scores, 7k apart

We’re on the losing side either way. Ah well. :wink:

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It’s a little hard to gauge the Titan scores under you looked right after the matching. The 24-hour Titan score decay and/or killing a Titan can swing the score by a fair bit.

But it does appear that they’ve started using just the Titan score. Good change, if so. There is no reason to tank your titan score to get a better AW match. I’m aware that alliances do take Titan passes to manage the Titan level, but that’s for motives unrelated to AW.


I checked the players individually and found we are far more evenly matched than my initial score check indicated. :wink: