Selected team resets to 1 when seeking revenge

I have been encountering an intermittent problem (meaning that it can’t be consistently reproduced) where my selected raid team (usually Team 13) will reset to Team 1 when looking for revenge opportunities in the watchtower. It is, at worst, a minor annoyance, as I can just swipe a dozen times to get it back on the same team, but this was not happening in the prior version.

My usual approach to raiding is to go first through the raid portal, and later to seek revenge opportunities when I am close to finishing my raid/hero chest. I will see if I can catch it on video.

Note that I have 14 team slots, with team 14 as my defense, and team 13 as my raid/titan team.

I had a similar issue which drove me crazy until it got fixed in the next update.

My husband later got the same problem and I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

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Had same problem once…not occurs when I hit the raid button…only in watchtower for revenges.

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