Select your own Featured Heroes in the Summons

Hi All,

I created this topic based on the last Tavern Legend Summons selection. All 4 featured heroes are useless for me as I happen to have most of them and some already duplicated. This obviously causes that I do not do any summons during this event.

This is not just Tavern of Legends, it is also happening quite often during S2 summons and idea of having a duplicate Mok-Arr or Inari gives me goosebumps.


So, I’d like to propose that for some summons like e.g. Tavern of Legends or S2, players will be able to choose their own selection of Featured heroes!

Or at least from 4 selected by SGG, players will be able to replace 2 of them with their own selection.


I know that odds will still stay low, but at least an increased chance that once you get something, it is something useful, would definitely be a good improvement.

To support this idea, I am giving it my vote.

I’d like that all of you, who like this idea also gives this suggestion your vote.


Unfortunately, SGG will never change that. If you want specific hero - you must buy enough gems for summon him with current (always extremelly low) odds. This is the core of this game


Why not? From business perspective I am not doing any business now as the choice of the featured heroes is not attractive for me.

Also, as the next such summon is in 2 months I am not advance purchasing even small offers.

If the situation repeats next time I’ll do the same. So, for SGG featuring such heroes is a direct loss.


Even if you got to choose your own featured heroes, you’d only have a 0.6% chance of actually summoning them.

No, peon, you’ll take the scraps that SGG tosses you and you’ll like them!

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I am typically buying offers - small ones most of the time, medium ones occasionally. Till now over last year I got 3 past HotMs. In my case, interestingly, all were featured. Although I understand that getting featured is about 50% chance to getting non featured non S1 Legendary hero.

  1. Heroes in this game not balanced and most of players will choose the same OP heroes
  2. It is just a gambling. You must spend a lot to get something. If you not will buy offers and wait while hero that you need will be recommended - you will not get him.
  3. For the same reason why they can’t add wave counter since 2017 year :slight_smile:

Interesting theory, but may be right. :+1: I am probably too small, untypical spender, for SGG to be interested in. Big whales is where they probably get the majority of profit from.

Just out of curiosity: what is the “wave counter” which was in 2017?

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Another one vote

This forum is a cemetery of players ideas :slight_smile:

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People will set gravemaker, friggin, Odin, cobalt, Elizabeth, Finley and BK to their featured heroes and everyone with more than 2400 trophies will have the exact same teams.

We have that OP heroes more than enough around already. Everyone says they’re too rare but once you’re in diamond league you WILL fight them non stop every day like they had 70% summoning rate.

Imagine if they make it easier. Not mentioning they will never do anything to help our summons.

Nice idea but unrealistic.

They cannot set BK, Odin, Finley in neither Tavern of Legends nor in Season 2 summons.

In these summons there are typically old, nowadays weaker heroes, which is fun to have, but they will not ruin the game (Hel, Alberich, Zeline, etc.).

I was thinking about featured heroes for challenge events, too…

For nearly all players, it’s a very rare & exciting thing to draw a 5*. And then when we get a few 5* of every color, even most 5* draws are disappointing. That’s why friends of mine left. Once they found out that only a diminutive percent of that 3.8% would actually help them, it wasn’t worth it anymore.

To me, this suggestion isn’t just about hunting Frigg. It’s about not drawing Mok-Arr or unused heroes like him for 80% of our precious 5* summons. Yeah, SG wants us to keep gambling & such, but there comes a point where the odds are so low that even dedicated players walk away. The chance of drawing a good 5* is rightfully low, but I think SG could maybe make more money if they weren’t that low.

All this being said, my preferred way to fix the problem is a mass buff of weak heroes so most 5* heroes are actually worth maxing. But that idea hasn’t gotten much traction, I’m afraid.

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Thanks to everyone who supported or voted for this idea. I hope that it’ll bring more discussions…

Another great example:

S2 heroes would definitely not cause an excessive appearance of their heroes in majority of defences, so it would not harm anyone if we had different (meaning own) selection of featured heroes.

MokArr is definitely something so useless that people I know, don’t want to make summons because of him. HotM which would be duplicates do not help that situation either. Chances getting anything are small, but there are still a chance. And if that materialise to happen to be MokArr, most would rather delete the game at that moment

I think that this idea, to be attractive for SG to implement it, needs to be paired up with some cost for the player.

Essentially you want to skip time for free. If you want a particular hero to be featured, you just need to wait for the rotation and that hero will eventually appear. You want to be able to choose that hero instead of waiting the rotation.

For almost every mechanic that depends on time, SG offers the opportunity to skip it with gems. You should expect some gem cost if you want this to be implemented.

I’m not against this idea, but in case it’s implemented, I’m sure it won’t be for free.

Interesting idea. Thanks for bringing it.

The question is how many players would pay. I probably would or would most of the times, especially if I was planning getting medium offers.

However, very cheap to play or f2p who usually do 4 to 5 summons per event, definitely wouldn’t. This offer should be open for everyone not to bring bigger difference between players.

Maybe probably the only payment generally acceptable would be to pay something like double price once selected feature hero is pulled. 600 instead of 300 paid either immediately or in instalments.

On the other side, SGG would always get more profit month after month due to more summons done by most of the players. The number of past HotM I am missing and I’d love to own is huge. At least 20. From S2 I’d be satisfied with just 3 extra, but even that doesn’t happen that quick.

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