☀ Sekhmet – Season 5 Hero – 5* Fire / Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Needed 1 summon to finish bonus chest. Wasn’t going to summon otherwise. Will wait to see how she performs at 3/70. This had never happened before. Hope she’s good or gets a buff in the in the Sept balance update lol.


Good hero, would be a welcome addition to any team, if not just for depth. One thing I don’t like is this hero doesn’t help much for any type of tournament. Bloody Battle? Just a sniper, heal does nothing. Buff Booster? Has no buffs. Rush war? Already fast.


I had planned to start working on Tahir next, but this girl popped from the portal today. They both are pretty similar in terms of hitting just 1, but then again Sekhmet heals and has those million S5 passives, when Tahir hit’s more if theres any negative ailments and also applies… umm was it bleeding, some kind of dot anyways. Tahir’s passives aren’t the most useful out there, but his elemental link is.

So I think it’s first time in ages where a HotM is kinda more tempting than a newest S5 hero (okay, Kara for me was too). But, I could use a red healer, currently only have Boldtusk and Junaid… I do have 12 rings though so eventually I will max both of them, but I’m just not certain yet which one will be the first. I think the snipe should be a little higher for her in the current state though, but she has great attack stat.

@Chadmo had really good points there regarding Sekhmet in tournaments, for bloody battles especially there’s better snipers out there, the sun family can help a little but it’s nothing to lean to.


Should the logo in the title be fire instead of a moon @PlayForFun ?

You are right, I have fixed it to :sunny:

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Junaid does almost exactly the same but just in a little underwhelmed way. On the other side, Junaid hit pretty hard after you emblemed/LB (919 on offense I believe). With that said, Junaid is much easier to get and leveled to a useable condition. For me, she is not attractive to me at all. Even when I pull her, I would rather use my Junaid as it is too costly and time consuming to level an upgraded Junaid.

i’ve noticed in Buff Booster tournaments that offenses tend to do very well–in contrast with something like the current Rush tournament where people are out early and don’t buy back in, so it’s much easier to get top 1% rankings.

defenses in Buff Booster tournaments tend to be extremely passive, favoring stacking buffs and maybe sticking a dispeller on there for good measure. there’s a trend of riposte that i think is more prevalent in the wake of Ferant (even post-nerf) as well.

all this to say, i think it’s underrated to have actual hitters that can take advantage of the attack stacks in a buff booster tournament. yes, Sekhmet doesn’t offer buffs of her own, but put her with a Zimkitha or Boldtusk or some other buffers, and her snipe–which is already significant because of her base attack stat–hits even harder and therefore heals even more on a target with higher HP.


Great post dawn. This is very true because a lot of non-attack based heroes have the big list of buffs. For the Buff boost 4 star, C Rigard and Kiril have 2 buffs and Brynhill is a buff tourney goddess, and rispote specialist like Azmia & Ferent as well as Boril and Cyprian get a lot of play too.


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I presume people with run sek with costume marj… But around 1000… So 400 each in health… I’ll take it if that is what i get… But the reason I’m pulling this time… Is to get a khufu.


Sekhmet, and Junaid, could be useful for the Contest of Elements Fire iteration where red healers may be lacking

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This hero, imo, is extremely underwhelming after Tahir. If she hits an enemy hero with less than 50% health left, you’re looking at about 250 heal. Another issue is her speed, she is so fast that her heal may be premature. She would have been better with these abilities at average speed:

• raises the attack of all allies by 44% for three turns.
• deals 275% damage to enemy and nearby allies.
• Heals all allies for 30% damage dealt.
• deals extra damage against ICE enemies.

This makes her, imo, a lot better, but not broken.


Gpod point! Thanks for sharing!

Perfect… 20 caracters

She does a lot more than heal. 50% of the time she deals extra 70% damage, (although that is not factored into the healing), and also crippling the enemies with AD.

plot twist: its a dude under that mask!

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Not sure about her. Something is missing from special. Played around with her at 2/60. Good stats and a little better heal than Junaid but kinda average. Not bad but often she’s hitting enemies with low health, blue, def up, taunt. Changing the heal to boosted health would make her very good. Looking forward to hearing from someone who has her leveled up. Maybe I’m wrong.

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She is a situational card. You need to target enemy cards with high health while pairing her with some DD EDD ailment and fire to maximise her heal potential. If she is hits a card with 500 HP left then all you get is 200 health back, which is underwhelming. So she is not a finisher rather mid game card.

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I get it and tried costume Marjana and black night but in the end she’s not that good to setup a team around in my roster so I’ll bring her to 3/70 and wait.

I agree that she looks average, but I have had some problem with Junaid in tournaments but that is mainly because of his passive - which is better than Sekhmets.


I’d take Junaid class and passives . She’s an offensive Hero with a defensive class and the attack down.

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