Seething and festering need a new blue!

Since Vela was demoted!!! I cannot hold a good defense against raids. I’m losing to level 48 to level 52 players! Who in the heck can I replace her with/ level up.

You should max Alasie and run something like:

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Really? Haven’t you also defeated the defense of players who have avatar levels much higher than you? It doesn’t mean that one of their highly emblemed defensive heroes suck at defense. I am beating the raid defenses of players who are over level 80s, 90s, and 100s. And I see also players level 40s, 50s and 60s defeating my raid defense. All are within the mercy of the boards and RNG.

However, seeing your roster, I don’t see any other viable ice legendary contender to replace your Vela in defense. But if you have maxed costumed Magni and Finley, that would be a different story. And if you really hated the nerfed Vela, why not flank your Telluria with a highly emblemed Alfrike then.

I’m only at level 60 and only a handful of times I have defeated somebody over level 70! You are a correct sir you are at the mercy of the algorithm.

I would assume Neith is the weakest link in your defense, assuming team 1 is your raid defense.

Joon, JF, Telly, Vela, Jabberwock should make a really good defense.

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